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Xcel Energy closing Comanche 3 Power Plant by 2040

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Pueblo Chieftain reports Pueblo's Comanche 3 Power Plant will be completely shut down by 2040.

The plant is shutting down because of a clean energy plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for Colorado's Xcel Energy operations.

The plan calls for significantly reducing coal plant operations by 2030, and retiring or repurposing all remaining coal units by 2040.

Last week, Pueblo County commissioners discussed shutting down the plant could cause the loss of $15 million in property tax revenue.

Right now, Comanche 3 employees 134 workers, according to the president of Xcel Energy Colorado, Alice Jackson.

Ben Fowke, a chairman and chief executive officer for Xcel, told the Chieftain there will be no layoffs when they retire coal.

Instead, the company is working with union leaders and partnering to manage this transition. That will be done through natural attrition, retirement, and retraining employees.

For a full look at the Chieftain article, and Xcel Energy operations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, click here.

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  1. Did you see where CSU has already spent a majority of their budget for the whole year in natural gas for power plants they are looking to increase everyones electric bill by almost $50/mo.
    Be ready to pay the price! People think that the power companies will just do it and pay for it. Nope the people always foot the bill AND the extra on top of it so the heads of the companies still get insane bonuses at the end of the year.

  2. Green energy is going to end up a huge Charlie Foxtrot. Do people actually believe that windmills and solar panels will generate enough electricity for everyday use plus charging everyone’s electric cars? Bi-dumb has been in office a little over a month and has screwed up this country so severely that I am questioning if we can recover.

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