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Dozens of employees terminated at Parkview Medical Center over vaccine mandate

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- More than fifty employees at Parkview Medical Center were let go from the Pueblo hospital on Monday for not abiding by the state's COVID-19 vaccine requirements for health care workers.

A state emergency rule from the state's Board of Health mandates all Colorado healthcare workers be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 31.

According to a spokesperson for Parkview Medical Center, the hospital terminated the contracts of 56 employees due to their unwillingness to abide by the vaccine requirements. There are approximately 3,000 employees currently employed at Parkview.

The hospital says the situation could've been a lot worse. Around one hundred employees received either religious or medical exemptions from receiving the COVID vaccine. The hospital also held a last-day vaccine clinic on Saturday, it's unclear how many employees received the vaccine at the clinic.

The spokesperson says unvaccinated employees were informed throughout the process that they would be terminated on November 1st if they continued to hold out.

Centura Health says they haven't fired anyone just yet. However, the health care provider says they have placed dozens of employees on unpaid administrative leave for not getting fully vaccinated.

Centura Health is fully compliant with the Colorado Board of Health’s COVID-19 vaccine ruling for health care facilities. In our workforce across Colorado and western Kansas, 99.7% of our caregivers have received their COVID-19 vaccine or a medical or religious exemption. We want to thank our 21,000 incredible people – individually and collectively – for stepping up to this latest challenge and doing everything within their power to tackle this global pandemic. We have 68 individuals who were placed on unpaid administrative leave today and we are actively working with them to take action to avoid loss of employment as a result of the state’s vaccine mandate. Centura, as a connected ecosystem of 17 hospitals and more than 250 physician clinics, has been preparing for potential service and program impacts from the mandate, but we can confidently say that we have all the resources available today to ensure our patients, neighbors, and communities see no disruptions in their care from this mandate.

Centura Health Spokesperson

KRDO also reached out to both Children's Hospital Colorado to see if they are abiding by the State Board of Health's emergency mandate and have fired unvaccinated employees. We are still waiting on a formal response.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a reporter with the 13 Investigates team. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. this mandate also includes a business’s right to just test the unvaccinated weekly. But they never test THE VACCINATED. They are AFRAID of how many people they might have to send home for 10 days or so. THAT will really cripple operations. This is radically unfair. The state of Iowa just voted to give anyone fired over not getting the shot the right to collect unemployment.

    1. I agree that there are sufficient breakthrough cases that all people should be tested regularly, especially those employed in places where spreading of Covid is likely, such as healthcare environments. It’s not like the test is a big deal. It’s a discomfort, but it doesn’t really hurt. But what if it does? It’s for the good of everyone, especially the unvaccinated, who are many times more likely to become infected.

      1. Almost any place you work may be a place to spread COVID, not just hospitals. Any stores like grocery, department, lowes, etc.. Unless you work outside in construction or on roads and pavement, I can’t think of too many places were you are unlikely to spread the virus.

  2. When 1 President can create a Executive Order that can force every citizen to get the vaccination in order to provide an income for your household, this is a clear undeniable proof that our Capitalist Democratic Republic is more akin with a full fledged Monarchy, Oligarchy / Plutocracy, Aristocracy, Totalitarianism.

    1. You lost me when you tried to explain providing income for one household. But then the idiocy of the rest of your statement explained the lack of logic.

      1. I can understand him quite clearly. I myself finally got the vaccine, not because I like old Joe or care whether or not I spread it to someone else, which I can still do. The almighty dollar is the reason. I would have lost my job, which I really don’t need, but want the money, I guess greed or maybe I just want to live very comfortably in my twilight years. Anyways, I agree with him on one guy shouldn’t be able to sign a piece of paper and change so many lives. I really don’t consider this a real pandemic. Sure it’s killing some people, but nothing like previous pandemics. With the high population and travel modes, and concentration of people at sports events we have now you would think the body count would be much higher. Maybe we should just give President Trump his accolades for getting the vaccine out so fast.

        1. Thanks. Your clarification helped me understand what he was trying to say.
          I had read it differently after getting distracted by the garbage at the end.

          1. The problem is whenever someone makes a statement that goes against your narrow view of understanding you get distracted, as you say. RC this is a you problem, not a me problem. I can’t help you with that. I can only lead you to water, you choose what to do from there. It’s sad that you need your government to tell you what to do instead of having enough knowledge about your Consttutional rights to know when your government and a large group of like-minded lemmings are demanding to have the government hold these decisions we currently have and give the government control over them. When we want this control back from the government is going to be when most will finally figure out what damage the lemmings have done to our nation.

  3. Idiots. Get your vaccine. Got Chicken Pox yet? Religious? Don’t like the whole Stem Cell thing? Then don’t take almost every over-the-counter medicine you take, either. These labs use Stem Cells in their research…
    For some of you, if the Government told you to breathe, you’d stop breathing. Go cut your noses off to spite your face. These people deserve to get fired, just like those refusing the vaccine should pay higher health care costs. The percentage of CoVID cases in the ICU that are unvaccinated is 99.9%. Do you think the folks in the beds are paying for this? If so, I have some land to sell you.

    1. Agreed. But I also have to support the notion that all people should be tested regularly to better complete the picture.

    2. Your rant sounds like a people not long ago across the ocean. If the vaccine protects you, why you care if I have one? I think f-at people should pay more insurance they are a huge burden and a majority of the costs of the healthcare system, and there is only ONE way that happens, personal choice!

    3. Umm. You’re the one that is doing everything the government is telling you to do. If the government told you to stop breathing you and your little basement buddy RealityCheck would comply. You two are perfect examples of the German Citizens that followed Hitler.

  4. Sorry, if a man can “Identify”as being a woman, I can identify as being vaccinated (I’ve had Covid twice and it was not bad). Prove me wrong… IDIOT.

  5. Well he proved himself right all on his on. Thank you Parkview for helping those that don’t care about anyone but themselves find the door. Now you can hire people that care about their own health and the health of others.

    1. Ya, so people that spent years serving the health care needs of others and working through the worst of the pandemic are suddenly selfish? Really? I think people that have health risks, especially the f-at ones that did it to themselves now expect everybody else to take an experimental injection to protect them would be the definition of selfish! You listen to yourself? Sound kinda like a guy that used to rule Germany! It’s great, right up until they come for your freedom, oh and they will, they will! Is it selfish for old people to expect all the young to lock themselves down, miss 2 years of thier youth so MAYBE their life could be extended a few years, a BIG maybe. Again, that sort of seems like what the definition of selfish I learned about would be. Sounds like you fit the profile!

  6. Got RN friends in other states telling me hospitalizations are mostly fully jabbed. Was at doctor today and overheard gentleman telling receptionist he had to go to ER after horrible symptoms from booster. Kudos to those who chose self-autonomy over t*ranny.

    1. Also filled up the homeless my wife is a nurse she had six patients last weekend three of them were homeless. Nothing wrong with them other than they were homeless.

    1. President Biden returns the insult.
      Do you really think you’re speaking in code that no one else understands? How pathetic.

  7. Good enough to be used for nearly 2 years on the front lines as essential workers, but not good enough to be honored with having control over their own bodies. We on the front lines as essential workers were the break-waters for where this virus, by wearing masks that were not n95 masks, by placing ourselves in close proximity to others because we were paid to do so. Now because we were unwilling to consign our rights and liberties away to our government through the E.O.’s 1 president has enacted, our government is now jeopardizing our health once again. Removing 68 educated, trained, and certified personnel like in hospitals, or Law Enforcement, or Fire Departments, or ambulances, or teachers, from any staffing will always cause a shortage or enough essential personnel. There is not a surplus of personnel sitting on the sidelines waiting to be placed in the market. There are some, sure; but with UC Health and now Centura Health doing the same thing, how many do you think are still left? This example is just local, and this exact scenario is happening everywhere in the USA. So tell us again how this is for the betterment of everyone involved.

  8. Binary again…if there was a word in there that wasn’t right…I could not find it. Maybe too political?
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    1. here it is:
      This is just like the Veterans returning from Viet Nam. They served their country…died for their country and they were spat upon and kicked to the curb by Americans. Now it’s our health care workers. Heroes a year ago who some died for their guts to fight this curse and now this cr ap against them.
      It was the poo.

  9. I saw this as a child,,, “spit parades”, coming back addicted and just being discharged..among other tactics trashed the now shameful troops.
    My parents worked tirelessly to have a very active VFW Post, and the money came in, and there they were giving out checks from those proceeds checks for overdue rent so they could stay until their resource came in. food pantry like KABLAM, local chain grocery gift cards for stuff you can’t buy with SNAP (like diapers). They were overseeing where the money was going, most of the less than thann honorable people left by “attrition, due to non-compliance. The VFW felt that everyone who served in a war needed a place to commune, to share, help one another as the current presentation is isolating people by fear, mandates, coming from another angle like threatening to have them lose their jobs with zero recourse anywhere for compensation. Can you see how many power grabs are happening at one time??.
    I have been isolating pretty much and I have learned to be okay with my world. I have a serious diagnosis that I need to keep down, down all the time. There is a way to do it (lose weight, eat fat-free or good fat meals, QUIT RED MEAT (beef) except buying organic, no hormones no antibiotics and you will see a difference in changing it like that. It’s a little tough at first but then it shows you you are going in the right direction. We eat chicken, pork, ribs, burgers 2 X a month I come out occasionally with a mask and feel secure to wander through Walmart. Otherwise-just many dr and treatment and blood draws, infusion (chemo) since May 21.2018. I was dx’ed stage 4, 6-12 mos to live.. but I as sure you this is me.. Right now SS is in a deficit, partly because LBJ “borrowed a lot of money from the fund to keep the war well-oiled in Viet Nam. They never paid it back to this day. We could face getting only 84% or so of our current benefit by 2034. I see the Locomotive Breath happening here because they are willing and ruling it to follow that inevitable ending. I bet the overly crazy federal order that has the Post Office going broke but firing them to store retirement funds at the price of running the PO as a PROFIT.

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