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CDOT looking to fill snowplow driver shortage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- While Colorado Springs residents might still have time to brace for the first big snowstorm of the season, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is already preparing.

However, a representative for CDOT says 17% of their regional plow job positions are open.

"There wouldn't be an issue right now if we had massive snow, bomb cyclone type event," Michelle Puelen with CDOT told KRDO. "You wouldn't see any operational disruptions."

Puelen says CDOT is always looking for drivers, but they're no different than the rest of the workforce and are suffering from a labor shortage.

Still, CDOT says they have some time before things become dire.

"At this point, it's not concerning. I mean obviously, we'd like to see the team full, and we're going to make strides to get there, but we know that with the team that we have right now we're able to fulfill our obligations."

In some areas, like Teller County, CDOT is only down to two drivers. Still, with a lower population mountainous terrain, those openings are essential to fill. Puelen says drivers from other areas might have to lend a helping hand.

"Down here in region two, we're one of the lucky ones that we kind of have that banana belt and we have great weather, don't see as much of accumulation of snow," Puelen continued. "So we can take some of our resources and send them to areas of the state that maybe see more snow impacts."

Region two, which includes Colorado Springs, is in a bit of better shape than the rest of the state. Statewide, CDOT has about 165 positions listed. Puelen is confident that people won't notice a negative difference.

Puelen believes it's pretty normal for CDOT to hover around 10% of the jobs being vacant.

"We're actively hiring, but we're not anticipating any operational issues due to the number of vacancies that we have."

If you're interested in applying for one of those plow job positions, click here.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. ? I’m confused? What does “ but we’re not anticipating any operational issues due to the number of vacancies that we have.”???? have anything to do anything? Unless of course you’re having trouble filling the positions due to a vaccine mandate. Huh? Good thing all those plow drivers by themselves in their plow are vaccinated! (Kinda like the people you see driving around with their mask on by themselves……..remember it comes through the air conditioning!!!!!!!) (if you didn’t catch the sarcasm, you’re one of those!)

    1. “What does “ but we’re not anticipating any operational issues due to the number of vacancies that we have.””

      as long as it doesn’t snow….they’ll be fine.

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