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Colorado Springs restaurant feeds homeless, needy for free

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- For 14 years, Taste of Jerusalem in downtown Colorado Springs has lended its kitchen to those who need it most. A sign on Abdul Nasser's restaurant door invites any and everybody inside, reading: "Hungry? No money? No problem. Come on in."

"This is one of the things we learn through our religion, our community," Abdul explains.

"That whoever knocks on your door -- hungry or whatever -- never turn them down if you can feed them or support them."

The family-owned restaurant stays busy: patrons in and out of the door, always curious about the paper signs placed under the table mats. They read: "Ask how you can help feed the next hungry person."

"People do see it all the time and ask. It's all donation," Abdul says of feeding the needy.

"I couldn't do it alone."

But even if he had to, Abdul says, it wouldn't stop him from making Taste of Jerusalem a shame-free place to have a meal.

"You just gotta be having a good heart. When you help people, God will help you through your way. Never turn anybody, no matter what they look like, or how they look like, or their race, or their nationality. If they ask for your help or support, please, if you can, do."

Abdul says owning and running Taste of Jerusalem has been much like the Rocky Mountains -- up and down, bumpy, yet a beautiful experience. It managed its way through the economic crash of 2008, and through the pandemic. The restaurant owner says it's important, especially now, to step up.

"We know it’s been a tough time for everybody. For us, for the whole community here in the springs. But we know we’re strong, we know we can help each other, support each other."

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Natalie Haddad

Natalie is a traffic reporter and MMJ for Good Morning Colorado and KRDO. You can learn more about her here.

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