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Two Colorado Springs women stranded in Afghanistan after Taliban seizes control of Kabul

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Two Colorado Springs women are stranded in Afghanistan amid a major crisis after the Taliban seized control of the capital city of Kabul.

The Taliban seizure of the government comes nearly two decades after the Islamic extremist group was forced out by US troops.

A recent graduate of Coronado High School is pushing to help his 24-year-old sister and his mother home from Afghanistan.

19-year-old Ali Kamezi tells KRDO his family has been calling senators and the US Embassy in Afghanistan, trying to help them find a way to escape.

His sister, Salma Kazemi, 24, a UCCS graduate, is stuck in Afghanistan hiding from the Taliban with their mother. The mother and daughter, who live in Colorado Springs, traveled to Afghanistan in early August to visit family.

“I fear the most that the Taliban finds my mom and my sister, finds their passports or any type of anything that connects them to America," Ali Kazemi said.

The US citizens were supposed to come back in September but with all flights canceled, their family here in Colorado has no idea when they will be able to come home.

“The one thing I want is for them to get somewhere safe but there is nowhere to go," Ali said.

Ali says the roads are blocked to the airport, and there are millions of people waiting to get out of the worn-torn country.

The 19-year-old son and brother is frustrated by how the US Government has responded to the crisis and is calling for more to be done to save stranded Americans.

Ali says the federal government has done little to help his family so far.

“The response is weak. The response is weak. It’s just a mess. I just feel like America or the US should have some type of response to this, fast immediate action. They knew what they were doing when they pulled out the troops. And they should know what they’re doing when the Taliban comes," Ali said.

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



    1. It would be a hard call, America announced it was withdrawing so if you have family there you might think you should go see them now because within a year the government might fall and you wouldn’t be able to travel to see them. Then the government fell in days, instead. I know America is capable of withdrawing troops and conceding nations to the enemy, but I’ve never seen such a sudden and complete failure of American influence, I can’t blame this family for not seeing this coming at this speed.

  1. Sounds like they are originally from there and became US citizens. Absolutely no excuse if you managed to escape such a horrible place that you return. Especially knowing how they treat women.

    1. Going back to see family — possibly one last time — before the country falls into war and chaos is completely excusable, if our president didn’t know the country would fall so quickly it is understandable that these folks thought they had a little time to get home to Colorado before the Taliban took over and closed airports. I’m sure if they could bring to America everyone they love they would do so, but since they had to leave people behind it is completely understandable that they’d want to go hug them goodbye.

        1. You’re right, anyone who ever takes a risk to do right by the people they love deserves whatever horrible things happen to them. Bet your friends and family are glad they can count on you to always look out for yourself.

  2. Well geewizz Ali, this is terrible. How did it go so wrong? I did a little research, and I found the problem for you:

    “ALI KAZEMI was born in 2001 and registered to vote, giving his address as #### UNIVERSITY VILLAGE VW, COLO SPRINGS, El Paso County, Colorado 80918 United States of America. Party affiliation: DEM Party affiliation date: 02/05/2020. Original registration date: 02/05/2020. Voter ID number: 60222###.”

    And THERE is the problem. See? Democrat. You voted for Biden, didn’t you? And now look what he did? Are you mad? You should be. But you need to be mad at yourself for electing that demented old man. It’s YOUR fault.

      1. No really, and I was nice enough to block out his full address and voter ID.
        People keep blaming the horrible leadership of this country, despite the fact that they elected these people into office. And that goes for both Dems and GOP.
        Ya can’t vote a bad person into office and then whine about how bad they are and how horribly they have made your life.
        Elections have consequences.

    1. Ouch! But legit. Actions have consequences.
      Hope things turn out well for you and your family.
      The Taliban is merciless. But you already knew that.

    2. And a majority pf people in our country voted for President Biden, by a landslide (according to Trump’s own definition). So what’s your point? The President made a hard decision, and at least he’s standing by it, instead of placing blame on everyone else like Trump used to do.

      1. Not really a benefit to us or the people of Afghanistan for Biden to stand by his decision, given how horribly he handled it.

      2. Did you watch Bidens speech? He blamed it on a lot of people, the buck didn’t stop with him as he promised.

  3. Biden holds the distinction of having the most votes cast for a presidential candidate, approx. 80 million. Trump has the second most votes cast, approx 74 million. Landslide? I guess it depends on your definition. Joe is a weak leader. Maybe he’s a nice old man, but weak nevertheless.

  4. People in the intelligence world had warned of this happening so quickly. Yet there was denial by the current administration because some of the information came from the previous administration. So in their attempt to slight Trump they ended up with this tragic situation. When will people finally see the two party system, and their infighting, does not serve the best interests of the American people? Same when they said they wouldn’t trust the vaccine made by pharmaceutical companies because it was done under Trumps direction and operation warp speed.

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