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Senator Hickenlooper in Colorado Springs to discuss cybersecurity

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Tuesday, July 6th, U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper and Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers visited the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs to discuss how the U.S. can strengthen our defenses against cybersecurity attacks in light of recent cybersecurity breaches.

The National Cyber Security Center is a non-profit for cyber innovation and awareness. Hickenlooper helped start the center in 2016 in coordination with several people from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and the community.

The center is currently working to pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan that includes $47 billion to make our infrastructure more resilient to cyberattacks and climate change. The NCC serves both public and private organizations and individuals through training, education, and research.

The center, located on North Nevada Ave., is 134,000 square feet. It's currently undergoing major developments. The center will soon be developed and outfitted with cyber labs, classrooms, and faculty offices to prepare students with hands-on cyber experience and skills.

Also housed at the National Security Center is Space Information Sharing Analysis Center (ISAC), a private partnership working to bring insight and awareness on possible space threats.

To keep legislatures vigilant against cyber attacks, the National Security Center has already done briefings in 16 states so far.

Hickenlooper also joined Colorado Olympic athletes to tour the brand new U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum. His visit concluded with a sendoff for Colorado athletes competing in the Olympic Games later this month.

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  1. The blind leading the blind. I think you really meant to say they want to get together to work on getting more Federal dollars for Colorado Springs.

  2. Ohh the infrastructure bill is not really infrastructure but things that are grouped as infrastructure. Cyber security is not an infrastructure item. Its a security issue but they will put it where ever they can to get the money and do education with it and actually do nothing to bolster cybersecurity in the usa. Just go and give people/states/agencies recommendations without knowledge of their current systems. Huge waste of money on something that sounds important at first glance.

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