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Manitou Springs mask order officially remains in effect

manitou springs masks sign

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Despite recommendations from the CDC and Governor Jared Polis, the City of Manitou Springs is keeping its mask order in place until further notice.

City officials cited concerns about the large number of people visiting from out of state, and outside the country, in a news release sent to KRDO Monday.

"We find it of utmost importance that our visitors enjoy our beautiful City safely, and with health precautions in place," the release states. "Therefore, the Emergency Order Concerning the Use of Face Coverings that mandates a face mask while within all local businesses and outdoors within 6’ of others will remain in effect."

Manitou Springs City Council made the decision to keep the order at a meeting last week before the CDC and Governor Polis announced it was okay for vaccinated people to go without a mask.

Mayor John Graham told KRDO they could get rid of the mandate in a month or so if COVID-19 case numbers go down, but right now he said it’s warranted.

"I mean if you look at the Governor's guidelines, you still have to wear a mask when you go to the DMV. Why? Because you're elbow to elbow. Here you're elbow to elbow," he explained.

Businesses were given a heads up about the continuance of the mask order Sunday.

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Julia Donovan

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  1. COVID-19 is so dangerous and smart that you have to wear a “magical force field replacement device,” aka a “mask”… …but only indoors… …but not when sitting at a table at a restaurant. See, restaurants have their own magical force fields at each table that repels COVID-19, so you don’t need to wear a mask there…but that magical force field doesn’t work when you leave the table and move around the restaurant, including the restrooms, so you need to wear a mask then… …but not inside your own house round your own family. See, that magical force field that was in the restaurant is also somehow is in your house and outside and in your car, so a mask isn’t needed there. The magical force field must be a takeout item… …and you have to wear a mask in an airplane. Evidently the magical force field there is in airplane mode… …but not outside…

    …except when in an outdoor stadium, even when you’re nowhere near anyone else. Apparently stadiums cause the force fields to short out, so you need a mask. Must be the ticket prices… …and where you are less than 6 feet away from other people, because the mask only has that range, and the virus doesn’t move more than 6 feet at a time, even in a tornado, according to the experts… …and even if you have had the “vaccine,” because the “vaccine” doesn’t have its own magical force field to block the virus… …and even if you have already had the virus, because your own immune system doesn’t have this magical force field, either… Now, this is the mentality and the only possible reasoning that the state (and the Karens) has for its absurd maskholery. Is it ludicrous, inconsistent, and laughably pathetic? You bet! But a side effect of wearing a mask is that common sense gets shut down, too. The magical force fields aren’t real. The masks are useless face diaper placebos. Ditch the masks, ditch the fear, and live in freedom!

  2. Dear Manitou Business Owners,
    If I don’t have to wear a mask at other businesses outside of Manitou, then I will NOT be shopping at your place.

  3. between the parking situation and this…. I won’t be visiting this summer. We’ll take our guests up into the foothills instead.

  4. If this is going to make Manitou less crowded because crazy conservatives believe it’s their right to spread infectious diseases onto others, then this is nothing but good news. A pleasant place should only be enjoyed by thoughtful and educated people. Good on Manitou.

    1. Just as liberals believe it’s somebody else responsibility for their own safety, their own health, their housing, their food stamps, their healthcare, their retirement………their everything. I’ll take responsibility for myself, and none for you, thanks!

  5. Hmm, even the “educated” liberals in boulder dropped the masks. I guess it’s “indoctrination camps” for half the country that don’t buy into the paranoia.

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