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Man gets shot in head by wife, arrested by police for domestic violence


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs police say a man who called 911 after being shot in the head by his wife ended up being taken into custody after investigators learned he had been strangling her before the shot rang out.

According to a post on the CSPD blotter, 30-year-old Morgan Chess called police and reported he had been shot in the head. Officers quickly arrived and found him and his wife before he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his head.

Police detained his wife but then learned that Chess had threatened to kill her. According to CSPD, Chess "strangulated his wife," and then she was able to get a pistol, firing it one time "while fearing for her life."

While police identified the victim as Chess' wife, it's not clear if they're currently still married.

Chess was taken into custody and is facing a felony assault charge for strangulation. He currently also has an open case against him from driving under the influence and vehicular eluding from an incident that happened on March 30. A mugshot hasn't been made available yet.

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    1. Sounds like self defense on the part of the wife as a result of him attempting to strangle her. Or does that make too much sense for your convoluted mind to comprehend?

    2. From what it sounds like, the active aggressor was the male, he was strangulating her. She got a hold of a pistol and shot him as she was in fear of her life. Sounds like a good case, glad she was able to protect herself.

      1. He demonstrated he had the ability, and the opportunity, and actively placed her in imminent jeopardy.

  1. She should have gone to the back porch and fired into the air. Ohhhh, that’s a dumb thing to do. Stupid me. The bullet could kill someone truly innocent. I guess Joe Biden really doesn’t think things through before he says it. Reminds me of trump.

  2. Sounds like the threat to her was over, she should have retreated. Do not be surprised if a closer investigation reveals somethings just not right about her story.

    1. Very strong username to post ratio. You should retreat from an attacker trying yo kill you. Get real

  3. Remember folks, libs think she shouldn’t have the right to be able to shoot her attacker.

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