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Colorado College introduces their new head coach

Kris Mayotte always wanted to be part of the Colorado College hockey program, "They were in my top three right from the start," says Colorado College head coach Kris Mayotte. When he was younger, he wanted to play for the Tigers, now he'll be doing the next best thing, coaching them, "I never got a call from them. This call is good. It's still, you shake your head sometimes in terms of how that works. And all the players and the alumni who played here prior and all the winning that has happened here and the rich tradition just to be a part of it is an honor," says Mayotte.

During the time he spoke on Monday, Kris got emotional, because he would have never have had the honor of coaching CC if it weren't for the sacrifices that his family made, "It's just something that hockey was big in my family, athletics weren't big in my family. Everybody in my family has had to work for everything they've gotten. I'm come from a blue collar family that some how found a way to sacrifice enough to allow me to be a hockey player and to become good at hockey. To be able to call my mom and my dad and my mom to tell them this is reality for me and hear their response and my siblings and my wife, everything like that it's like I get to repay them for everything. It's really special," says Mayotte.

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