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Rep. Lauren Boebert to co-chair 2nd Amendment Caucus in Congress

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Rep. Lauren Boebert says she will be the co-chair of the Second Amendment Caucus.

Boebert, who was recently elected to represent Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, has been an ardent defender of gun rights. She reportedly asked police at the Capitol in November about carrying her firearm while serving in Congress.

The Second Amendment Caucus is a congressional caucus formed by members of the U.S. House of Representatives who support 2nd Amendment rights.

Boebert tweeted Sunday that she will be co-chair of the Second Amendment Caucus along with founder Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie. The caucus was formed in 2016 to promote a pro-gun agenda, according to Massie.

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Zachary Aedo

Zach is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Zach here.


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  1. Is Sedition Barbie going to tout her recent heroics during Trump’s Shit Hole Putsch, in which she bravely fended off the traitorous mob with the Big Dick Iron on Her Hip that she literally ran her whole campaign on and made a big deal about carrying into the House chambers to protect and defend herself and her fellow legislators with and prove just why we have the Second Amendment in the first place, while vile traitors were live tweeting the whereabouts of the insurgents’ quarry to the enemies of The People storming the Capitol in hopes of lynching the VP and key members of Congress and installing a banana republic dictatorship?

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