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Drools the dog adopted after 729 days

Drools Adoption Pic
Photo courtesy Relay For Rescue

MONTE VISTA, Colo. (KRDO) - Drools the dog has found his furr-ever family!

Drools has been at the Conour Animal Shelter in Rio Grande County for 729 days, but will now live in Boulder. Kacey Widetich, Relay For Rescue Founder/Executive Director, says she moved into the shelter last month as part of her efforts to find the pitbull/boxer a new home.

The dog's new owner arrived at Conour Wednesday morning, and happy tears were shed for Drools' bittersweet farewell. Drools will go home with a new bed, food, treats, and toys. "I feel like I won the lottery," his new owner said before the pair departed for Boulder.

Drools' story even made it to several national news outlets, where his story inspired other families to adopt three other dogs that were longtime residents of the shelter. "We were able to establish relationships with several rescues across the country to help move longtime dogs out of the shelter and into foster homes," Widetich said. "All of these dogs deserve a second chance at happily ever after just like Drools and I look forward to working with the shelter to ensure this continues to happen moving forward."

Richelle Stephens



  1. They could have picked a better name…
    Isn’t that the name of Clark Griswold’s brother’s dog in Christmas Vacation?
    I hope it works out–remember-no other dogs cats or small kids. Tasty morsels.

    1. They could always tie it to the bumper like they did in the original vacation movie.

    2. LMAO…That was my first thought.

      I hear “Viscious” the Pit Bull is having a problem finding a home also.

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