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Trump supporter waving American flag in Pueblo attacked by man with shovel

trump supporter attacked frame

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- A political dispute turned violent on Pueblo's south side when a supporter of President Donald Trump was allegedly attacked by a masked man.

The masked man, identified by Pueblo Police as Gabriel Perez, 32, can be seen on video getting into an altercation with a Trump supporter who was waving an American flag at the corner of Northern Ave. and Pueblo Boulevard on Friday.

The man who was waving the flag, Fred Haddock, was also wearing a body camera, and video captured the moment when he heard a bang from across the street.

Haddock says Perez was bashing in the windows of his truck with a shovel.

Haddock crosses the street to confront the individual, and that's when the violence escalates. Throughout the profanity-laced video, Perez can be seen trying to grab the American Flag out of Haddock's hands. Haddock said the altercation only got worse from there.

"He tried to stab me with that shovel," said Haddock. "That's when I hit him with that pepper spray to just knock him down. He's lucky I didn't kill him."

Haddock says he was legally armed with a firearm during the altercation, but decided to use pepper spray instead.

"He saw the pepper spray and he still attacked me," said Haddock. "I don't know if he's on drugs or off his rocker or something."

Pueblo Police were called to the scene by onlookers around 4:55 pm Friday, on a report of a fight with weapons. Perez was picked up by officers at a bus stop on Vinewood Lane, not far from where the original altercation occurred. The suspect was transported to a nearby hospital for decontamination after being pepper-sprayed, and then was booked in the Pueblo County Jail.

Police say Perez initially denied involvement in the altercation, but changed his story soon after. Perez is charged with class-4 felony menacing and was also charged for property damages.

"He smashed the windows of both doors, and smashed the back window out," said Haddock.

Haddock says he has been waving the American Flag on dozens of street corners around Pueblo since the Republican National Convention. His goal is to get Republicans in Pueblo energized before election day.

When asked if he might have provoked the altercation, Haddock denies it.

"I was just there," said Haddock. "That seemed to be provocation enough for him. For some reason the (American) flag itself seemed to be enough provocation to him. "

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a reporter with the 13 Investigates team. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. It’s so disgraceful to see these Trump supporters waving American Flags when Trump worships Putin. He is a Russian supporter and Russia is and always has been a threat to this Country. If you are a Trump supporter you are also a Russian supporter and also are a threat to this Country and Democracy. Keep a close on these folks they are all a threat to our Country and should be considered Domestic Terrorists.

    1. Want to know what’s more disgraceful? People like you that support this!! Biden is a lowlife just like Trump. It’s a shame you’re too stupid to see it. Get a life you piece of trash.

    2. It’s so sad that you are so deluded, into believing what Hasn’t Been Proven! It there was ANY Proof, It would have been laid-out, but all that’s available is Speculation, Here-say, and whiffs of baseless air. Projecting your garbage is just pathetic.

      1. @blue62 Well this post just proves my point THERE IS EVIDENCE and when he looses 4 states are gonna indite him for a host of tax related and money related crimes. they just didn’t want to put a sitting president on trial.

    3. NoTruthDemocrat66 consumes a daily dose of media koolaid.
      Maybe ntd66 stands for NoToleranceDemocrats66

    4. sounds like to me you are a democrap, the same ones who are destroying our country, telling terroristic groups like BLM (biden likes minors) to riot under the guise of calling it a peaceful protest.. Go watch more CNN, one day you will wake up and realize how wrong you have been.

    5. Trump goes from entertainer and reality show host to conspirating with Russia? Not too believable.

    6. @ntd66 They are just stupid people that dont paying attention to anything past their own noses.

  2. I’d be willing to bet that Trump owes Putin a pile of money and knows he won’t be getting it back if he loses the election. Of course he’ll be helping his campaign.

    1. “I’d be willing to bet” those are the words of someone with no evidence. Try facts instead of your feelings!

  3. Regardless of whether you support Trump or Biden, RESPECT other people’s opinions. Not everyone agrees on everything and you have no right to destroy someone else’s property because you don’t like the person they want to support and if you do, you’re an idiot if you think it’s ok to do things like that.

  4. I’ve never destroyed anyone’s property. Someone vandalized all the Biden-Harris signs in my neighborhood. I wonder who would do that?

    1. Sounds like you’d be in good company with this thug. You and your tiny way of thinking are the reason President Trump and Conservatism will win again and again and again. People are fed-up with thugs like you taking your narrow-minded, low-level stream of half-baked consciousness and shoving it down our throats. Now go return those two Harris-Biden signs back to your neighbors.

    2. You must be one of the 40 washed up teachers and DSS caseworkers who protest every sunday in Pueblo… Defund D60, D70 and DSS.. now that is a movement which needs to be started.

  5. My only request would be to view the 15-20 minutes before the 1+ minute video was played. It would be interesting to no what happened before the actual occurrence to see if there was a previous verbal confrontation, that escalated to this, of if this was truly unprovoked. This is why even with law enforcement instances it is imperative to not just look at the snippet of the video, but the whole video. If the video only shows the incident, based on my training and experience, this causes doubt as to what transpired right before the camera was turned on. Not that I am saying this happened here or not, simply put, without seeing the 15 minutes before this incident, I simply can’t say because it is a he said / she said. And based upon the video evidence, it doesn’t look good for the alleged suspect in this case.

    As with protesters needing to call out the rioters, so too should both the Republican and Democrat parties be calling out the criminals operating within their organizations.

  6. Look what happen when you have so much hate inside in consumes you. You end up doing stupid things like attack/confront someone with a shovel over a difference in political ideas/beliefs.
    Now he has been charged with a felony and can lose his right to vote if convicted. That is a great way to affect change in this world……not. But I guess he is now famous and can forever be googled.

  7. That man with a shovel is a Patriot! He probably would have been killed if the didn’t shovel him. He’s a very fine person. He’s a Patriot!

  8. Two thoughts tell us how illegals enrich our community again. This is also why you need to add 10 points to any pole you see for Trump. A lot of people just won’t say they’re going to vote for him.

  9. I prefer my flag carrying idiots that don’t get attacked by shovels, but that’s just me.

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