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New COVID-19 dial dashboard shows how open each county in Colorado is

CDPHE county dial

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Department of Health and Environment released a new way for the counties and the public to get an idea of how open individual counties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, Governor Jared Polis announced, "I’m pleased to launch the new dial framework so our local communities can take even more control over reducing restrictions and further opening their economies while ensuring that public health and safety are protected."

The dial allows users to hover over each county, telling them what stage of "Safer at Home" they are in.

El Paso County shows they are in "Safer Level 1: Cautious" as of Wednesday, meaning the county is allowed several variances including personal gatherings of 25 people and most indoor spaces allow for 50% capacity.

Other counties like Fremont and Teller are hold the same status.

On the other hand, Pueblo County is one level behind at "Safer Level 2: Concern."

"In two weeks we can request to move up to level 1 or we could also apply for 'protect our neighbors,'" explained Pueblo County Health Director, Randy Evetts.

Evetts says the county has taken a slower approach to re-opening compared to other areas, but with reason.

"I think taking a little bit slower approach is probably a good idea. We really want to see our kids get back to school fully and be back in school and we don't want to jeopardize that," he says.

Personal gatherings are limited to 10 people and they are limited to outdoor site specific variances if approved by local public health departments.

Five counties, including Gilpin, Gunnison, Mesa, Rio Blanco and Moffat have the most variances, even allowing for bars to be open at 50% capacity.

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  1. Oh good, it’s color coded so now we don’t need to know what the actual numbers are and make our own decisions for ourselves based on the numbers. Now we just place further blind trust in the government and believe that the color-coded system is for all of our best interests.

    By the by, did anyone else notice on this new graphic meter, there is no “Safe zone”, the best we can ever do is “Protect your neighbors”. Are we just supposed to always stay in a hyper state of vigilance from this point forward?

    1. You bet your sweet *ss we’re supposed to stay in a hyper state of vigilance. This is what the Deep State wants, after all: for us to behave like mindless sheep for the protection of all, apparently.

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