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D2 school in Colorado Springs closing for 4 days after positive COVID-19 case

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado Springs school in Harrison School District 2 will be closing for four days after there was a positive COVID-19 case.

D2 Superintendent Dr. Wendy Birhanzel says the Soaring Eagles Elementary School only has one confirmed test at this time. The district is not revealing if it was a student or teacher that tested positive.

"This is one positive case, but we have committed to our community and our schools that if we have one case, Harrison would go above and beyond and we'd shut down the school," Birhanzel said.

The district learned of the positive case a few hours before school was set to end Thursday. After a recommendation from El Paso County Public Health and Environment, The school will be closed from Friday, August 21 through Monday, August 24.

The four days off at Soaring Eagles will be treated like snow days and won't count against the students. However, for the classroom where someone tested positive, Birhanzel says those students will start e-learning while staying at home for 14 days to monitor their systems. "They are switching immediately to e-learning and they will be learning from home with their laptops with their teacher instructing from home," Birhanzel says.

Even though the school will be closed this Friday and Monday, the school will still provide breakfast and lunch for students who need it.

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Zachary Aedo

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  1. The article about the children testing positive, just before school starts, yesterday. Someone commented that it was the parents problem ( I am paraphrasing ) until school starts. HERE YOU GO.. NEED I SAY MORE ? So do you want to blame the parents that sent the child to school (THEY HAD NO OTHER OPTION) or do you want to blame the school for opening ?? You can’t have it both ways…

  2. Wow! One whole case! People, the virus is not magically going away. Yes there will be cases, just like there’s cases of the cold, the flu, pink eye, stomach flu…. until kids or teachers start dying, get the kids in school!

  3. It’s more than 1 case, if you are so informed, it’s reported in a few places. Just get the kids the hell out of your hair !! Until or unless it effects you or yours…. NICE……

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