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Red light cameras in Colorado Springs covered with paint

red light vandalism
Courtesy: Jake C. Design

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Red light cameras across Colorado Springs have been vandalized with what appears to be a blue paint.

Over the weekend, several drivers took pictures of vandalism and various intersections, including Platte and Chelton that historically has the most run red lights in the city.

Colorado Springs police say they're looking into the issue, but didn't have other information readily available. Lieutenant Steve Noblitt told KRDO over the phone the department hopes the perpetrator was caught on camera during the incident. He says the cameras are always recording, and could have captured when they were spray-painted.

Clean up on the cameras began Monday morning. Verra Mobility, the third party in charge of maintaining the cameras sent their one-man maintenance crew to start cleaning up the cameras.

He told KRDO he believes the person responsible used a spray-paint can and estimated the damages to be over $30,000.

Four intersections including Academy and North Carefree, Academy and Dublin, Platte and Union, and Platte and Chelton were all vandalized sometime over the weekend.

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Krystal Story

Krystal is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Krystal here.



  1. I’d start with interviewing the people that comment on here about them….none of these people like those cams.

    1. Not quite “none.”
      I wonder if they were caught on camera? They’re probably not too bright… 🙄

  2. Good. All these cameras do is rip off drivers. Show readers what is the ratio of tickets given out vs. actual accidents and prove me wrong. They are timed to give out tickets when there is no chance of a accident happening.

    1. In other cities, they have been caught tweaking the timing of the yellow lights to up the ticket count. This is because the cameras are provided by a private company with a contract that says if they don’t generate a certain level of revenue then the city has to make it up. The city usually gets a cut of the profit from the company.

    2. What I don’t understand is we removed the cameras several years ago because they were ineffective and so many instances of the wrong person getting the ticket, etc etc. So all of a sudden they come back? Why? What’s changed – better about them now?

      1. Good question. I asked that once before and never got a satisfactory answer. I’m trying to remember if the City itself tried to manage them before? This time it’s third-party company that gets its revenue from part of the fines, so there’s no financial risk for the City.

      2. Nothing changed, the city thought they would try again and hoped no one would remember the first time. If I recall they were found to be illegal. It’s a money grab plain and simple. Evidence all over the country exists showing an increase in accidents (rear end) in addition to changing the timing on the lights to increase tickets. Regarding the 30k in damages, this can be fixed with a package of razor blades from lowes for under 3$.

        1. Technically they have to have an certified police officer witness the camera footage in order to write a ticket. But even that is on gray area in the law because he didn’t watch it happen as it happens. So if they did like before they will have around 12 CSPD officers off the street and into the office to watch red light cameras and different shifts.
          So our tax money we pay to have police on the streets goes to have them review red light camera footage so the third party company can make profit and the city makes a few dollars and safety does not get impacted. Last round of red light cameras at one intersection actually increased accidents when installed. oops

  3. Should be counted as a public service to disable these revenue devices. They have already caused additional chain reaction wrecks at pikes peak and academy because they put these in at an intersection at the bottom of a hill. And that is just during the summer, just wait until winter.

  4. “He told KRDO he believes the person responsible used a spray-paint can and estimated the damages to be over $30,000.”
    How can that estimate be correct, if one man with some paint thinner can remove the damage?

  5. The red light cameras are not about safety. There are zero red light cameras at the most dangerous intersections; they’re located where they’ll make more money. If you appeal, the third party “loses” the files or discovers they’re “corrupted.” Because it’s unconstitutional. Im glad the third party revenue excise tip sits had to pay extra for their scheme.

  6. KRDOBget off your arse and do a report in why these were removed the first time they tried these red light cams

    1. The first time was the mayor said of they didn’t improve safety then he would take them out no matter what the income was because it should be about safety. They actually found that one intersection had more incidents when the cameras where installed. So the mayor keeping with his promise had them removed. Now with a different mayor and their mismanaged city checkbook they want all the money they can get. So they just put them where ever they can.

      1. nothing like using tax payer money to provide corporate profit,typical garbage. Anyone care to take odds on kickbacks?

  7. Lol The irony that those traffic cams are now costing THE CITY more money is just too hilarious!! I’m sure that’s not what they had in mind when installing these money-siphoning machines!

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