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Dentists discuss coronavirus safety after outbreaks at 2 Colorado Springs dental offices

Dental office outbreaks

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Dental Society spoke out after coronavirus outbreaks were reported at two dental offices.

Dr. Tyler Boss, an endodontist with the Colorado Springs Dental Society, said dental clinics have been taking universal precautions to stay safe, even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Every patient should be treated as though they have hepatitis, AIDS, influenza, Tuberculosis, any of those communicable diseases including COVID. Precautions should be taken to prevent the spread of one individual to the next," he said.

He encouraged people to still seek out dentists for dental care, despite COVID-19. Both of the dental offices -- Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentistry's south office and Smile Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry -- are considered outbreak sites because at least two staffers tested positive. CS Pediatric Dentistry said its two employees were administrative staff and weren't involved in clinical treatment of patients.

"Every patient is being screened that comes into the office, every employee is being screened that comes into the office. And we have a long list of screening questions to include any potential exposures," Boss said.

With two dental offices are listed under El Paso County Public Health's outbreak list, he said some patients may be afraid to come in for scheduled appointments.

"In this case, this is an individual who contracted it out of the office," he said.

El Paso County Public Health confirms both offices are cooperating with contact-tracing. Each office took to Facebook to say they're further increasing their cleaning practices.

It's believed the virus can be transmitted by liquid droplets, which transfer from person to person or end up on a surface. Dr. Boss says so far, there are no known cases of a patient catching COVID-19 after visiting a dental office.

"The American Dental Associate released a statement that said, there have not been any documented cases of coronavirus traced to a dental office," he said.

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Alexis Dominguez

Alexis is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Alexis here.



  1. Just remember the definition of an outbreak is more than 1 person. So two people get it and it is considered an outbreak.

  2. The point of tracking outbreaks is that if there is one particular place or group where several people show symptoms of COVID at the same time, it is likely they got it in a way somehow connected with that place or group.

    Public health and information services can then communicate that the place or group has had an outbreak, and people who have been exposed to that place or group can watch for symptoms in themselves. Also, those who are at high risk can avoid those places until the outbreak is resolved. So, yes, 2 is what makes it an outbreak.

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