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Colorado Springs

Sanitation company vows to fix trash pickup issues after KRDO investigation

trash pickup

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Residents in several Colorado Springs neighborhoods say that they haven't received adequate trash pickup service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several viewers have reached out to KRDO saying that Green for Life or subsidiary Bestway haven't been picking up trash on time, and the company acknowledged it's dealing with a staffing issue.

One viewer told us that he hasn't had trash picked up in about a month, despite his calls and e-mails to the company.

 “If you’re not going to pick it up, like let me know so I can call someone else.  Because obviously this can’t go on for more weeks in a row," Joy Chambers said.

Chambers lives in the Briargate area of Colorado Springs. She and dozens of other residents across the city blame GFL Environmental for the mess.

“Almost three weeks ago now, our recycling wasn’t picked up and nobody on our street had their recycling picked up. So, I called an left a message and didn’t hear back. But assuming that this Monday that they would pick it up and we would be behind but we’ll catch up. And then neither trash nor recycling was picked up this Monday, "Chambers said.

Sporadic trash pickup is particularly concerning for residents in the Mountain Shadows area.

“When it’s dusk that can has to come in for two reasons. We have wildlife, particularly the bears and it is city ordinance," a resident who didn't want to be identified said.

It's a frustrating reality for several people who contacted KRDO asking for help. Everyone we spoke with said that before they came to us, they reached out to GFL several times but never got a callback.

“It sends a very loud clear message to me that GFL does not care anything about their customers," a Mountain Shadows resident said.

Now GFL Environmental acknowledged the problems after KRDO launched an investigation into the issue Friday morning.

GFL wrote on its Facebook page that it's dealing with a driver and call center shortage, and acknowledged that they are behind on pickups. The company said it's working on hiring additional staff to assist with the volume.

The Vice President of GFL, John Bosch, sent a statement to KRDO Friday afternoon.

"Providing quality service to our customers is top priority.  We recognize the service issues and are making impactful changes that will provide sustained improvement.  We have a fantastic team of employees that are working hard daily.  For customers trying to reach us, we understand that wait times are longer than usual.  This is due to very high call volumes.  We have enlisted additional help to answer incoming calls, emails and social media in a timelier manner.  In addition, we have added levels of communication that will make our customers aware of any delays in service.  We fully intend to assist with every customer and kindly ask for patience during this time.

Customers with billing inquiries due to service issues can contact our main office at 719-633-8709 and speak with a customer service agent or email us at"

Some customers want their money back so they can choose a new trash service but are running into issues.

“I am not getting a response. I would drop them like a hot potato. But they won’t prorate my bill which I paid through the 22nd and it pays through October. Why would I do that?," one resident said.

The company would not tell KRDO if it intends to refund customers, but indicated anyone who is concerned should contact the billing officer.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. I’ve had no issues with this company. I know they said they are behind, but to be a month behind? Maybe some of these people have not paid their bills!

    1. You have a history of being so observant that perhaps you never noticed your trash piling up.

    2. Bestway was a horrible company to work for. I have around 20 years experience as a truck driver. They pay the drivers a route rate. After 40 hours overtime is paid as Chinese overtime which is half your pay. They work holidays and management refuses to get on a truck when we are short handed. This place was a shit show. The operations manager was just fired a couple of weeks ago due to everything that is going on. He had been with bestway since 2008. Everyone that has this service,do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. Who cares if they owe you money. Trash has to get picked up. It’s a necessity to have. This company has never taken care of their employees. This is karma kicking them in the ass. Hopefully Gfl gets run out of Colorado Springs altogether. Go back to Canada where you belong!

  2. Bestway was the best trash company in town….until…..GFL bought them. When it was Bestway I would happily pay the little bit higher price for the amazing service they had. They had people lining up to work there because it was a great work place.
    Now that GFL took over it looks like all if that has changed. I am dumping GFL right now also for many reasons. They don’t live up to their commitments for service. You call and they promise a call back. They gave me a managers e-mail and phone number to call. Nothing but full voicemail and I am sure the e-mail will never be read nor do they care. One time the lady argues with me that they had GPS data that showed the truck serviced our street so it is our fault. I told her I could send her a picture of the whole street with the bins out and all of them were full, none had been touched so If they came down the street they didn’t stop for anyone. She was rude and hung up on me…. surprise next day late evening they were out collecting the trash.
    I had Bestway for over 14 years and they just lost my business. High prices and no service. So sad to see an amazing local company get bought out and reputation is destroyed within a few months.
    BTW….. GFL is a Canadian company expanding down here. You would think they would at least be polite…lol

    1. Viral Thoughts:
      I completely agree. We were long time customers of Bestway. They were always on time for pick up even on holidays. Calls and e-mails were answered right away. With the GFL takeover no call backs for voice messages, no replies to emails. Our service is up in September, we’ll be going elsewhere.

  3. First world problem. Amazing what folks call the news for, and even more amazing that a news channel would consider it a story. Let’s complain about water pressure next, and then explain it to the huge percentage of the world with no clean water as how we spray drinking water on our grass.

    1. Dude! You sound like you have ideas! Link up with an organization that can get you to these lacking countries! I bet you could get them the help they need to be to be as good as 1st world nations! You know like drill some wells and make some water treatment plants and introduce them to electric vehicles and growing stuff. Maybe institute a semi-capitalist government so people can start an economy! It can’t be hard, America did it and people say this country sucks.
      Itd be bully for you if could make the world a better place!

  4. Here is the problem here KRDO those people in mountain shadows that’s a Monday route. I know those people that run that route and they run it what those customers are not telling you is they are not taking there cans to the curb. That’s why they are not getting picked up they are stuck with the Bestway of doing things not the GFL way of doing things. If those cans are not at the curb especially if they are not carry out they will not be picked up. Bestway policy was if the can is visible we would grab it however this is not GFL policy. So thanks for making us look like we ain’t doing our job because we are doing the best we can with the changes we are going through. I know every day I am doing my job I am out there tossing cans during a pandemic with no hazard pay. So thanks for painting a bad light on all of us that work hard to provide service.

  5. And like having massive amounts of trash everywhere is like, bad for the environment. Peta is gonna be on somebody’s arse if a bear chokes on a Doritos bag

  6. I have had Bestway for over 30 years. I didn’t realize that they had been sold! We are still getting regular pickups with no trouble. Hopefully they will get these staffing issues worked out. I imagine that the people who are complaining would have a very difficult time picking up refuse or doing customer service at a disposal company. Take a breath, people.

  7. BESTWAY has been trash for years ( pun intended) they changed their name because of litigation against the old name. get the drift?

    1. I guess it’s too hard for you to understand that a business name generally changes when they’re bought out.

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