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Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs human trafficking suspect has lengthy criminal history

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado Springs man arrested for human trafficking last week has a lengthy criminal record in the state of Colorado.

David O'Neal Roberts, 53, is currently in the El Paso County jail on charges of human trafficking, sexual assault, and false imprisonment.

An arrest affidavit obtained by KRDO accuses Roberts of raping women and forcing them into prostitution over the last seven months. Three female victims, including a teenage runaway, identified Roberts as the man who held them against their will while forcing them to have sex with as many as a dozen different men a day.

KRDO found that Roberts is no stranger to law enforcement and has lived a life of crime over the last four decades.

Roberts rap sheet in Colorado dates back to late 1980s.

He faces serious criminal charges including kidnapping, aggravated robbery and burglary.

Roberts criminal record has a gap between the early 2000s and 2016.

It appears he spent time in Denver after pleading guilty to an escape charge in 2016.

Denver Police caught back up with Roberts after he served a year in prison. He was then charged in 2017 for threatening to injure a person or property.

In March 2019, police arrested him for possession of a controlled substances and other related drug charges in El Paso County.

Roberts was then charged with giving police a false identity and possession of a weapon in February 2020.

That incident with police was just weeks after authorities spoke with a teenage girl who said Roberts raped her at gun point inside a Super 8 Motel on Peterson Road.

Two more female victims allegedly forced into prostitution by Roberts came forward in February and July of this year.

Colorado Springs police believe there are more victims. If you have any information about Roberts' alleged crimes, you're encouraged to call CSPD at 719-444-7000.

Investigators want any potential victims to know that there are resources available and that they can report anonymously.

"I want to say this to anyone out there who looks at this and may be a victim or has some information, that regardless of what somebody was engaging in -- if it was prostitution or something else -- if you're victimized, then that's not OK, and it is OK to come to us and talk to us openly about the things that were going on and what ultimately led to you bringing information to us," Lt. John Koch with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Police say even the smallest tip can help them identify other victims and ensure Roberts stays off the streets.

Anyone experiencing domestic violence or sexual abuse is encouraged to contact the local office for TESSA here.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. “An arrest affidavit obtained by KRDO accuses Roberts of raping women and forcing them into prostitution. Three female victims, including a teenage runaway, identified Roberts as the man who held them against their will while forcing them to have sex with as many as a dozen different men a day.”
    Curious, how long did it take to get enough evidence to arrest this individual, how many victims had to endure this person’s criminal actions before CSPD decided to act? From the report of the first victim, how long did CSPD take to get the arrest warrant for the suspect. I understand building the case, but get him off the streets first then build the case, while he is in custody.
    The cynicism i have regarding this is the timing of KRDO coming out with a second coming of their investigative journalism into illicit massage parlors, and CSPD’s release of this case.
    Could it be coincidence, sure. The timing makes it suspect, as CSPD’s answer thus far has been holding their hands and shrugging their shoulders stating, “We don’t know how to stop this criminal activity.” Then they just wish and hope it will go away, or at least will get less headline publicity.
    I hope these victims get the help they need, clearly a “alleged” perpetrator like this put them through horrific and traumatic experiences. I just hope CSPD wasn’t sitting on this case when they had enough probable cause to arrest, but held out just to get more evidence all while he kept sexually assaulting, trafficking humans, and falsely imprisoning people, to include a teenage runaway.

  2. Well well well, what we have here is another Martyr for the Dems!
    This is the kind of person that my sons school sent out an email that stated “With the tragic loss of George Floyd….” without any other background history be told!!!!
    If you want to defund the police then predators like this will be out for your daughters!

    1. Martyr for the Democrats? No. Unlike most that follow and believe in the two party system zealously, I utilize my head and follow my own thinking rather than blindly believing what FOX news or CNN feed to them. I actually conduct my own investigations and let the evidence support my findings. I do not create a hypothesis, then attempt to make my evidence match what my theories are at the time.
      No, I do not believe Law Enforcement should be de-funded either. I do support my law enforcement and hope they do the job the way it should be done, by the letter of the law. I do also believe there needs to be accountability for their actions.
      To answer the “no background history being told”, That is why I made my statements, the way the article lends its credence is that CSPD was doing a long investigation into this case. What my point was, is that i was stating that I hoped that the Law Enforcement arrested him when they had enough probable cause to do so, so this suspect was not still creating more victims. Because the article almost makes it sound that the began investigating, found 1 victim, continued investigating, found 1 more victim, continued investigating, then found another victim, then they finally arrested. What the point is when they found the first victim, what if they arrested after they completed that investigation? Would there have been a second and third victim? The article doesn’t explain this and that was my point.
      Clearly though with a name like “Iwantblkprivledge”, there is some deep-seeded animosity and borderline racial tension you harbor. This is only exacerbated my attempting to take what I said and have it fit “your” narrative, which failed miserably. If you are too blind to see there is a problem for our ethnic minorities, then you are either ignorant or a part of the problem. Either way no one can help you fix your psychological trauma without you choosing to fix it yourself.
      So I will simply say, I wish you good health and hope one day you will get the help you need.

  3. “…while forcing them to have sex with as many as a dozen different men a day.”

    KRDO, why not publish the names of all of these men? Now THAT would help cut down on this problem!!!

  4. Some of these comments are hilarious… The Republicans were pretty quiet about Jeffrey Epstein once it was clear that trump was with him and possibly molested a girl provided by him… Hmmm…

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