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Controversial congressional candidate Lauren Boebert campaigns in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Congressional Republican nominee in Colorado's 3rd District was out campaigning in Pueblo on Monday afternoon.

Boebert made quite a name for herself during the primary when she beat five-term incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton. Boebert will now face Democratic candidate Diane Mitsch Bush in November.

Several voters sat in chairs, some wearing masks, as Boebert and John Pence, Mike Pence's nephew touted their vision to reelect President Donald Trump in 2020.

Boebert said Pueblo is the most energetic county in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District and said she believes they should send her to represent them in Washington.

Boebert told KRDO she believes she can win the vote in Pueblo despite the fact it historically votes Democratic.

“It’s very encouraging that Pueblo County did vote for President Trump in 2016," Boebert said. "It was the first time in decades that Republican President had won Pueblo. I believe that he is going to win Pueblo even bigger this time. Even the democrats here in Pueblo are blue-collar, hardworking, second amendment, pro-life people. So, it’s not your typical democrat that you would see in Denver or Boulder.

I will always listen to the people and bring their interests to the forefront of all of my decision making. But we will do everything we can to make sure their rights are secure and that they are represented effectively."

Boebert's opponent, Dianne Mitsch Bush, declined an on-camera interview but provided KRDO a statement.

"Lauren Boebert has aligned herself with extremist, white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys, and she seems to be more interested in national, hot button issues than the issues that matter to Coloradans, Mitsch Bush said. "In Congress, Diane will work to represent everyone from every part of this district, not just the people who agree with her, and she will work across the aisle."

Editor's note: KRDO cannot independently verify the link between Bobert and the Proud Boys. When we reached out to Bobert's Communications Director, Laura Carno, for comment, she responded with this statement:

"We will not respond to such a disgusting allegation."

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. “Lauren Boebert has aligned herself with extremist, white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys, and she seems to be more interested in national, hot button issues than the issues that matter to Coloradans”, Mitsch Bush said. What a pack of lies, but you should expect that from a democrat.

    1. Sad but true statement. The dums don’t care about anyone, just the vote of the ignorant masses.

  2. first off the proud boys aren’t a white supremacist group. So if she is aligned with them in any way, she’s got more support from me than before. But seriously, hope everything goes well with her and pray for her safety.

  3. Everyone now if they don’t like you or are trying to discredit you just uses 1 word.
    Nothing to substantiate it but just throws it out there. So in that light everything and everyone is racist in this day and age. So sad.

  4. Say what? How is she controversial? What a biased headline. Is KRDO in the tank for the dums? What bullish!t, because some old bag says something that can’t be verified that’s printed as true? Thank God for the Indies and pubs, protecting the dums from themselves.

  5. Controversial??? Wow…. I want to know what’s Controversial about Lauren is it because she is a young conservative millennial? and even worse for liberal’s a young conservative millennial women. Lauren Stands for The Bible, Freedom and Guns everything liberals and democrats are trying to take away. The 3rd District has become very republican she has a very good chance of becoming the next representative for that district if the democrats had put up a better candidate they might have a chance…. Diane Mitsch Bush ran against Scott Tipton 2 years ago and lost by 8 points. She lost to a complete loser she won’t win this time around. Anyway KRDO further proves why they suck and have some of the worst ratings in Colorado Springs because they have very liberal reporters. Maybe they should realize they should tend towards the middle or they will end up Number 4 in the ratings and that is really bad when You Have KKTV and KXRM in front of you. The only thing they hold over KKTV is they can actually spell.

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