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Colorado Springs

District 11 in Colorado Springs moves start date back one week

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- District 11 in Colorado Springs decided during a special board of education meeting Wednesday that students will start the fall semester one week later than previously planned.

According to D11, the start date for all students, both in-person and online, has been changed from Aug. 17 to Aug. 24. The district says the extra time will let them "better plan and prepare for in-person experiences and to review and plan for the new health and safety procedures."

School District 11 in Colorado Springs released its "Return to Learn Plan" on Friday.

"Everything that we've seen since March has been changing rapidly. So we did put out our plans to give our families some indication of what we're anticipating come August, but again those plans could very well change in the coming weeks," explained D11 spokesperson Devra Ashby.

Students in K-8 would have the option of attending school in-person five days a week, or may choose an online learning program called "Inspire Online." High school students can either follow a hybrid schedule or opt into a solely online program. By attending in-person, all students, families and staff would agree to follow safety and health protocols.

Students who attend school in person will follow social distancing guidelines to the extent possible, and masks must be worn by both students and staff "wherever and whenever possible." Students will also be responsible for cleaning their own spaces with provided soap and water.

The district is also planning "mask breaks."

"Especially with the younger students as well as those who are just not comfortable in a mask just yet, so that they can just take a break from it. Outdoor recess is a prime example. As long as students are socially distanced, that’s a prime time to have a mask break," Ashby told us.

The reopening of schools depends on which phase the State of Colorado is following. The specific guidelines are below:

Stay at Home Phase

  • Widespread closures except for critical functions to reduce hospitalizations and deaths.
  • Gatherings prohibited.
  • All D11 students will attend school remotely (see Tier III below), no in-person learning will be conducted during a
    Stay at Home order.

Safer at Home Phase

  • Partial reopening, around 25%-50% with capacity caps, to give public health and healthcare systems the ability to scale their testing, tracing, and treatment capabilities.
  • Small gatherings are okay, but large gatherings are prohibited.
  • Depending on local health data, students may or may not be learning in-person

Protect our Neighbors Phase

  • Expanded reopening, around 50% without caps, as local outbreaks are managed by strong local systems.
  • Larger gatherings are okay, but mass gatherings are prohibited until there is a treatment or vaccine.
  • Students will continue with in-person learning under this order unless they have opted into an online learning

The plan was written with the help of guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Education.

To read D11's full plan, click here.

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Zachary Aedo

Zach is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Zach here.



  1. Congratulations. You have come up with one of the worst plans so far. Good luck explaining to the kids why they are killing off their parents when they bring covid-19 home. Perhaps you should take an example from District 60. Not only are you failing to follow any of the recommended guidance from every Health Department from the CDC on down but you added stupidity by giving children a bucket of water and a rag (I’m sure they will all be sharing the same bucket and rag) to children and expect them to clean an area properly. Lot’s of encouraging going on and not enough mandating. Good luck by the way in telling them it’s not their time or turn to use the restroom. I wish to thank you for providing the proper environment to ensure that we will be shut down by October. I just hope you can live with yourself when the mourning starts.

    1. You do know that the educational leadership is mostly liberals? A vast majority of those folks are Dems and Liberals. Yes, they made those silly rules.
      Yup, not a lot of Trump voters on the school boards.

      Prove me wrong.

      1. Any trump voters we had changed their minds in the last 4 yrs and if they didnt THEY HAVE NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!

    2. As for this plan your shooting down you should know thats its upto the parents as to IF they wanna send their kids back to school. Full online learning is available.

    3. “Not only are you failing to follow any of the recommended guidance from every Health Department from the CDC on down but you added stupidity by giving children a bucket of water and a rag”
      My sediments exactly.
      Kids are by definition, Kids. they will not do well in this strict arch-type of controlled structure. What else needs to be said, the CDC and several health departments agree opening schools is a unwise move. Why are we not listening to the experts, lets stop listening to Bob the Farmer about Medical-related issues. Even Nuclear / Biological / Chemical Training the military and law enforcement personnel receive explains why this is a bad idea.
      Keeping people working to keep Money and most specifically, the American Economy, is the only reason schools are being told to be opened.
      Government is implicitly making every American make the choice, you families and your health and welfare, or what we are telling you to do.
      Land of the Free, home of the indentured slave.

  2. You all male political comments but fail to address the problem with the plan. They create cohorts but have them moving around inside the building contaminating other rooms if someone should be positive. The purpose of the cohort is to remain in place. The recommendation is no more than 3 adults in the room during the day. This is also designed to avoid cross contamination. They decide to put up sign in sheets so 2 to 3 weeks from now when the test results come back they can figure out who has bee spreading it for the past 2 weeks. They are going to have social distancing mask breaks. So let’s take a groups of 20+ kids outside for 10 to 15 minutes, have them stand 6 feet apart, remove their masks and not congregate, speak or breath to hard while casually walking in a giant circle. These are kids. This will be the most dangerous time when they start to run around yelling and screaming and generally having a good time. Let’s not even go to the soapy bucket routine. If I was an employee or parent of the district I would own them. They are going to place the health and safety of staff and other students into the hands of children. I wonder what how well that will play in a courtroom. Let’s also think about the soapy bucket idea. Once again 20+ kids standing 6′ apart like good little patient adults awaiting their turn to use the bucket and rag (that has already wiped numerous other tables with who knows what substance spread on it). Now transportation is another issue. Public transport is keeping close watch on the transportation trends and are keeping them a approx. 1/2 capacity. Here they will continue to cram the buses full of students and their answer is. crack the windows open. Will that help? A little perhaps but it does not change the fact that a bus will still be filled to capacity. No matter how you board them who will monitor to insure that masks remain on? The Driver? This is not a joke. The reason we have not been hit hard yet is because we shut down long before the virus had a chance to travel to Colorado. Look at what is happening all around us. WE ARE NEXT! This will only make things worse when it gets here.

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