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Manitou Springs City Council to enact emergency resolution mandating masks

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- On Tuesday, a day after the Colorado Springs City Council took no action on a possible mask-wearing ordinance, the Manitou Springs City Council signaled that a mandatory mask ordinance is on the way for the small mountain town.

The discussion was brought about by an increase of COVID-19 cases in the state and a request from the council to put a mask requirement vote on a future agenda.

Tuesday, all but one of the councilmembers decided to move forward with drafting an emergency resolution to mandate masks immediately. That resolution could be written by Thursday.

Mayor John Graham says once finalized, the resolution won't need a formal vote and will go into effect immediately.

Also a factor in Tuesday's discussion was a recent citizen survey finding that the lack of social distancing in public places, and the lack of mask-wearing in public places, are the third- and fourth-greatest community concerns, respectively.

City staff members presented the council with an overview of how other communities are addressing mask concerns, and how a mask requirement would be enforced.

Other matters on the council's agenda included the city's budget status and how businesses are recovering from the pandemic, supplemented by results from a survey of merchants.

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Scott Harrison

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Lauren Barnas



  1. giggling….doesn’t matter what they pass…this generation will follow their illegal policies like good lil sheeple….
    I try to wear a mask to most places, but i don’t look down or judge anyone who decides not to wear one….
    Heck…I have a mask on…so why would i be judgmental on people who don’t want to protect themselves

  2. This will be just like closing the incline. There will be many who just won’t follow it. If they don’t they just have to say they are protesting and then can’t be touched. I’m on 24/7 protest right now so whatever I do I feel is right is now legal.

  3. Why would anyone want to visit MS’s anyway. Hippy beggars and it is such a tourist trap. It is really not much of a an attraction. I have not visited in years….many many many years. There are better things to do in CO.
    Go visit Dragonmans!!

    1. You’re funny. First you ask “Why would anyone want to visit MS’s anyway” and then answer it up with the fact that it’s a tourist trap. LOL

  4. Here is a thought….
    Is a resolution actually a law? Nope.
    So how do you enforce it? All you can do is berate and harass people into compliance. Police can’t enforce a “resolution”. You can’t write a ticket for a resolution.

    and the joke continues……..

  5. There are two types of folks out there in public. Those who wear masks, and assholes. If Manitou wanted to pay attention to something else, they could also pry into the corruption taking place among the school board and superintendent. Following the model of the joke of a district, Harrison D2, as the Board President and others are left over Harrison idiots.

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