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Manitou Springs toy store frustrated over lack of citywide mask mandate

Theos Toys cropped

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — Theo’s Toys, a family-owned toy store in Manitou Springs, has had to deal with the slow-down in traffic due to COVID-19, but now a decision to require masks is causing a new problem that may need to be addressed by the small tourist town.

In a post from a woman who visited Theo's Toys recently, Heather D. claims she has a medical condition preventing her from wearing a mask. She threatens to take her business to Amazon after getting kicked out of the shop. Theo’s Toys responded to her negative review explaining its policy.

Owner Anthony Mogck says he provides people with masks if they need one. While Theo's still has a 4.9-star review on Google, the exchange has prompted Manitou Springs business owners to question if a citywide mask mandate would prevent them from losing customers over mask disagreements.

“This is the busiest time of the year for us and we’re not pulling the numbers we need to survive the winter," Mogck said.

Mogck adds that the reference to Amazon hurts.

"Mom and pop shops are struggling to stay open. I’m sure Amazon is doing really well right now," he said.

Some shoppers in Manitou Springs Monday admit they're willing to avoid stores with mask requirements. Curtis Van Ness is visiting from out of state.

“Most of the time if I see it requires a mask I don’t even bother going into those stores or even looking," Van Ness said.

But others, like Katherine Streker, are happy to shop at small businesses requiring face coverings if it means getting to leave the house.

“If we’re going to open the economy, which I think everyone wants, wearing masks they say is just as effective as staying home so it seems like a win-win situation," she said.

Manitou Springs city council will discuss face mask requirements in Tuesday night's work session. Mayor John Graham told KRDO action is very rarely taken during work sessions, though the possibility of a citywide mask policy will be discussed in detail.

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Lauren Barnas



  1. if wearing a medical mask for a span of time will make you pass out-maybe you need to be home hooked up to your personal oxygen tank.
    The temps we are having lately are not recommended for people with a respiratory system THAT compromised. MEthinks someone is teaching their child to be rebellious.

    1. So she should stay home and YOU can personally pay her bills? Her business her choice. If people are too scared to enter her store because of no masks that is their choice too. I think you people should stay home! We don’t need snowflakes running around.

      1. I stay home almost all the time. Only go out for essentials like food and meds and medical treatments. And I wear a mask as well as social distance. I expect others to please do the same. At least socially distance from me.

        1. You expect them? Who the h ell are you to tell people what to do? Nobody and I mean NOBODY has to do what you expect them to do! Don’t you understand you are in no position to expect others to do what you want. Deal with it.
          I’m NOT sick, why should I have to wear a mask? Do you live in fear all your life? Stay home, starve or go crazy. Do t matter to me. You control nobody.

  2. I know JUST the type of customer this Heather person is. AND how she handled herself while at the store. I feel little sympathy. I keep hearing from doctors saying that they can’t think of any legitimate reason a person could not wear a mask for short periods of time. I absolutely HATE wearing a mask. Hate it more than most people BUT I do it because he can greatly reduce the chance of spreading. Not totally eliminate the chance of spreading but but greatly!! This is America. You do NOT have the right to shop in anyone’s store if you don’t want to follow the rules while in THEIR store. If you don’t like it, you can shop elsewhere but just know that you are acting like a child by giving a 1 star review because you had a temper tantrum.

  3. Perhaps If signs are written to read, ” If You Don’t Wear A Mask, Please, Don’t Come Inside”. This will inform those who disagree with these business owners, that only those in agreement are welcome through their doors. Money is needed by small outfits, but Choices are going to need to be made, as to which herd or flock to follow. Only a completely sterile enviro-suit, will protect those who Live In Fear.

      1. I hope your mother gets it. Then As you watch her helplessly you will think of the wish you made on others.

        See how stupid you sound?

  4. If you are refusing to wear a mask and you become infected with covid-19 please do not come to the hospital and in-danger the lives of the health care staff. The choice was yours.

    1. They are doing their job and know the risk. You will do the same I would assume? Or are you a typical hypocrite Liberal.
      Where are all those portable hospitals they spent millions on that NEVER even came close to being 1/8 filled???

  5. If his business has been open more than a year he should have been able to apply for PPP. I’m not sure a toy store is an essential business, so along with the trinket, souvenir and t-shirt shops in a tourist town he’s likely been impacted. He can focus on making money or making a statement. You’re probably going to upset someone these days no matter what you do, so as a business owner I would choose wisely.

  6. Another entitled person with a non-valid excuse wanting special rights…… been seeing a lot of this lately. If you have a condition so bad you can’t wear a mask for 10min then you should not be out shopping and walking around.

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