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1 Person arrested Sunday during largely peaceful Columbus Protests

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- One person has been arrested during the Sunday protests in Pueblo over the statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus.

Police told KRDO, it's unclear if the individual was a counter protester or how he snuck past Police barricades set up along Abriendo Avenue in order to separate the two sides.

Earlier in the day, police braced for the fourth round of Sunday protests in Pueblo. Officers blocked off traffic on Abriendo Avenue, from Colorado Avenue to Broadway Avenue. Barricades were also seen protecting the statue in front of the Rawlings Library.

The group For The People - Pueblo has vowed to protest every week until the statue on Abriendo Avenue is removed. Group members say the Columbus statue honors a historical figure who was responsible for the genocide of indigenous American people.

But counter-protesters have also demonstrated Sundays and argued that not all of Columbus's actions were bad.

During the protest on July 5, two people were arrested after crossing a yellow tape separating protesters and counter-protesters. But charges could be dropped to citations, police said.

On Sunday, hundreds of protesters came out to support the removal of the plaque of Columbus, only a few dozen came out to counter-protest.

The Pueblo Police Department told KRDO that they expect groups from out of town to join the demonstrations. A spokesperson said police will be on the alert in case people are "looking to cause trouble."

Several armed individuals could be seen throughout the protesters, however, organizers tell KRDO those individuals were present for security purposes after alleged attacks during last weeks protests.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. Look PPD…these are know liberal and democrat nazi operatives in your area….they don’t understand peace or peaceful solution….If you start drooping bodies….you have the support of the legal and rightful owners of Colorado…
    Remember your Warrior Ethics
    1. I will Always place the mission first
    2. I will never except defeat
    3. I will never leave a fallen comrade…
    We got your back brothers….now go out and put some of the commies on workers comp!!!! ummmmm without the benefits of course 😉

    1. You really are one dumbed-down Putin tool. Go drift off in your Rambo fantasy land and listen to your David Duke CDs’.

      Good Grief!

  2. KRDO really needs to ask for the photos of the people carrying guns, if they want peaceful rallys why bring all antifa down with AK’s and AR’s

  3. Only the removal of this statue will fix Pueblo’s billion dolla school budget problem.

  4. One quick glance at “For The People-Pueblo” FACEBOOK page and it is clear that it is a Marxist communist movement.
    They are part of a nation wide movement of Marxist communists who hate America, are white hating racists, who are on a mission to detroy America, its history and culture.
    These protesters will continue, until they are stopped, go after every statute and symbol that represents America.
    Pueblo city leaders will soon be showing if they are with the communists, who want to destroy America, or with Americans who are pro America and want to preserve America,its history, and culture.

    1. and if you look at who started this, josh chappell, he is the worst but you don’t see krdo saying anything about this, they are part of the commie party

  5. The Trump people sure do cry out for World War III whenever a progressive want to move mankind out of the dark ages.

    In my opinion, removing the statue is a waste of time and money. I have never paid any attention to it and I very well doubt most people from Pueblo have either.

    If the good people of Pueblo West want to move a statue of a Spanish conquerer to their town and pay for it. I am all for it. They can start a new park and place all the controversial statues in it that they like. MORE POWER TO THEM! I don’t care!

    What I do care about is when a bunch of people shows up at peaceful rally packing guns as a means of intimidation or a show of force. It is a form of challenging the opposition to a dual. The gun packers do not come in peace they come in hope of using their weapons. NOTHING MORE!

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