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Pueblo Police arrest at least two during Sunday protest against Columbus statue

pueblo police arrest two

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Pueblo Police Department arrested a protester and a counter-protester Sunday afternoon during a rally for the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue.

The group For The People - Pueblo has vowed to protest every week until the statue on Abriendo Avenue is removed. Group members say the Columbus statue honors a historical figure who was responsible for the genocide of indigenous American people.

"They're celebrating a man who divided us all and now look at us, we're divided with the police, we're divided with them, and it's not okay," said protester Jaelyn Cetillo.

Yet when protesters gathered Sunday at noon, another group of demonstrators had shown up to defend the statue.

"I'm here because I want to protect history. People are not understanding the history of the world. Not all of his actions were bad," counter protester Mark Swope explained.

Pueblo Police say they were at the rally to monitor the situation after reports that counter-protesters had used pepper spray against the protesters.

Officers arrested at least two people from each group after they crossed a yellow tape surrounding the statue, a spokesperson said. Police said the arrests could be dropped to citations.

Local News / Pueblo

Zachary Aedo

Zach is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Zach here.



  1. I think the best way to protest Columbus is to move out of America. Otherwise you’re a major hypocrite! And we all know these are mostly white people that feel guilty for being white.

    1. Saw a sticker today. “It’s Ok to be white”.

      Why do white folks feel guilty??

      I’m not made about losing the Alamo!

      1. Watch the movie called the ” the believer” kinda points you on they’re path….self distraction

    2. It seems that out of all the races, ( from humans standing straight up, all races have embraced owning slaves, raping, fighting for land, well maybe not isreal in 1948, murder, etc etc etc, those white folks seem to reflect on the evils of their past, not so much from other races,
      The king’s question, is that a result from the enlightenment or religion?

    3. I agree, there are so many of these libtards who hate America. I want to know what Columbus did to them? He founded trade routes, did he possibly do some terrible stuff? Yes but so have many other people, so tearing down statues will help the past???? What a bunch of wackos. The groups who showed up in Pueblo were violent and want no peace they are in my opinion run by satan himself and all will fall one day.

      1. My Church should have statues of Satan in the auditorium, or in the courtyard. Also Germany, Poland, etc, should have statues of Hitler throughout their countries. Such a huge part of their history.

  2. I am so tired of this BLM crap. you can not say do or think anything or they the BLM will cry about it . funny thing is this started when the guy name George that was doing something bad got killed. but since then there been soo many white and black killing but do you see these morons protesting that.

  3. “I should stay home, it is a nice day and I have to go to work tomorrow”……..said not protestor ever.

  4. We The People – Constitutionalist want’s to keep history the way it is written. For The People – Socialist want to tear down statues and rewrite history. Huge difference.

  5. Really no one is going to point out the people wanting this are communist morons who just want to incite riots? Probably the dude arrested.

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