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Father who struggled with alcoholism and suicide offers up home gym amid COVID-19


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Rob Decker knows the impact of fitness of mental health, and that's why he kept his home gym in Colorado Springs open to the public throughout the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Decker says he's struggled with alcoholism and drugs in the past. He even attempted suicide at one point.

But Decker, who has since become a personal trainer and gym-owner, is also a husband, father, health coach, and best selling author.

He says, "This was very important to give back to those with similar struggles." He adds, "I want to hand that out to other people. I want other people to know there’s a way out of all the pain medication, the drugs, the alcohol, the childhood trauma.”

According to Decker's website, "Rob's primary objective is to share his story of a failed suicide attempt that led to a relationship with God. He suffered many years of sadness, anger, confusion, and fed that with drugs, alcohol, and bad relationships. With the help of God, he was able to turn his story into one of forgiveness, understanding, and love. His desire is to inspire, encourage, and give hope to those who have had similar battles."

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  1. “Father who struggled with alcoholism and suicide . . .”

    I’ll say he struggled with suicide. He was a complete failure. LOL

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