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Colorado Springs man arrested in connection with former girlfriend’s death back in March

daveon rogers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Police have arrested one man in Colorado Springs after his former girlfriend was found dead back in March.

The Colorado Springs Police Department has arrested and charged 30-year-old Daveon Rogers with first-degree murder of 28-year-old Elizabeth Kremer.

On March 11, CSPD was notified of Kremer missing. Officers say she was last known to be headed to her estranged boyfriend's apartment a few days earlier.

On March 22, deputies with El Paso County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the area of 2300 Gold Camp Road to investigate a human body reported off the road.

The county coroner identified the body as Ms. Kremer, who was reported missing weeks earlier. The coroner ruled her death as a homicide by asphyxia.

The CSPD Homicide/Assault Unit started looking into the case on March 30 and interviewed several people associated with Kremer. Detectives completed about 40 search warrants for various cell phone, text and social media records. Police say the information found within these records was crucial to identify the suspect as Rogers.

On June 17, Rogers was booked into the El Paso County Jail.

Police say Kremer's death is the 21st homicide investigation in Colorado Springs this year. At this time last year, there were seven homicides.

This is still an active and on-going investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department at (719) 444-7000; or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (719) 634-STOP (7867) or 1-800-222-8477.

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Zachary Aedo

Zach is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Zach here.



    1. Right?! We only lock up black guys because of their skin color. The system is unfair to these black men. It isn’t that the majority only knows how to solve their problems with violence, nooooo, they’re put in prison unfairly. Nevermind it was their 8th criminal conviction, they aren’t to blame. Slave owners from 200 years ago are the ones to blame.

      1. Not only are the slave owners from two hundred years ago to blame, but their statues are to blame too.

  1. They must have used a negative for that picture. It makes him look “Not White”

  2. “Police say Kremer’s death is the 21st homicide investigation in Colorado Springs this year. At this time last year, there were seven homicides.”
    LOL… hang on to your hats folks, it’s gonna get a lot worse. With all of this new anti-cop legislation that your governor just signs, cops will stop being proactive, traffic stops will go down, if someone runs from the cops, they are not gonna chase. It isn’t worth the risk to them. Cops did the same thing in Baltimore when that city treated them like trash, and the murder rate skyrocketed.
    People keep saying the “silent majority” supports cops, but by being silent, you are NOT supporting them. Evil prospers when good men (and women) do nothing. Hope you have your concealed weapon permit, yer gonna need it!

  3. Yes, this black man is similar to white men who murdered their girlfriends/wives. Remember Chris Watts and Patrick Frazee? Violent control freaks can come in any color. If found guilty, hopefully, he, too, will be behind bars for a very long time just as Watts and Frazee are.

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