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One year of red light camera violations in Colorado Springs

red light camera

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Nearly one year after Colorado Springs Police reported their first batch of red light camera violations, the city is adding two new cameras.

The cameras at Lake Avenue and Cheyenne and at Airport Road and S. Academy Boulevard are getting added to a group of four other intersections in the city.

Most drivers KRDO spoke with say, they agree, the intersection needs some change.

"It's such a crowded intersection, and I think after this whole coronavirus, people are just anxious to get where they need to go," said Janet Strouss.

Although others like Tawayna Reed question their effectiveness.

"I feel like it does distract them because they're too worried about that camera instead of worried about safety and what's going on around them," she explained.

Back in April 2019, two intersections, Platte and Chelton with Briargate and Lexington had their cameras installed, but the number of violations wasn't reported until July with 898 warning violations.

About 11 months later, Platte and Chelton is the intersection with the most violations.

In April 2020, 379 citations were issued for illegally driving through a red light. The violations count for 76% of total violations in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Police issued a total of 496 red light violations in April.

The newest intersection at N. Academy and Dublin boulevards only had one violation.

Colorado Springs Police say the red-light cameras have proved to be a success.

Four other intersections are under consideration for a similar installation.

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  1. The people that think the government should prey on its own citizens need to be voted out of office.

    1. All law abiding people think that all red light runners should be prosecuted for the safety of everyone else. There are still many fatal crashes caused by red light runners, who are generally not the ones killed, or I’d simply be invoking the Darwin principle.

  2. I need to get my eyes checked. Every time I drive thru these intersections at night, I see flashes of light.

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