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Red light cameras in Colorado Springs caught 898 violations in 30 days

Red light cameras at just two intersections in Colorado Springs caught nearly 900 violations within the first 30-day warning period, according to new statistics released by CSPD.

Colorado Springs police say 898 warning violations were sent out to drivers after red light cameras were installed on April 9 at two intersections. The cameras are at Platte and Chelton, and Lexington and Briargate.

The cameras actually caught 1,128 “possible violations,” but not all of them constituted an actual violation. According to CSPD, the contractor that manages the red light cameras will send the possible violations to the department, and an officer will review every instance to determine whether an actual violation occurred.

Police say 839 of the 898 violations were at the Platte and Chelton intersection. The others were at Briargate and Lexington.

We’re getting our first look at the numbers because it takes about 60 days for the month’s violations to be processed between the vendor, CSPD, and the courts, according to the police department.

After that first 30-day grace period, the department started issuing $75 fines for violations.


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