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Witnesses encouraged to call CSPD after SUV drives into Sunday’s protest

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Police Department is urging anyone who saw the SUV that drove into Sunday night's protest to call the department's tip line so officers can find the driver responsible.

KRDO received multiple videos of the incident Monday, which shows a driver in a red SUV inching toward protesters on Nevada Ave. before jutting forward into a small group. The SUV then continued down the street as the crowd surrounded it, and then it fled the scene.

If you have information, call CSPD at 719-444-7000.

(Third video clip credit to Stephan Reinhardt - AML Recording Studio)

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  1. I’d say get out of the Street if you don’t want to get hit. if they’d stopped going looking for problems then stop finding so many. if they catch the person in the car then let me sit on that jury. I’d say this is a failure on the police for either not controlling the traffic flow or not controlling thugs.

  2. Rioters, looters, and “protesters” who stand in the road always play the victim card. They are narcissists who cause problems for themselves and love seeing themselves on social media.

  3. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a permit from the city to hold a demonstration in the street. Neither were they pedestrains cross the road. You get hit for being stupid then that’s on you, not the driver.

  4. Remember Reginal Denny pulled from his truck and beaten during the LA riots? If a crowd is beating on my vehicle then I’m going to floor it and tell the cops that I was in fear for the life and safety of my family and I give not a single rats furry behind who gets run over in the process.

  5. Angry mob in the street surrounding the car? Visions of Reginald Denny would be going through my head in that situation. So I don’t blame the driver a bit.

  6. If you are standing in the street blocking my car and I feel threatened, I will run you over and then call the cops and them then I was threatened. You have the right to protect yourself.

  7. If it wasn’t for protesters who weren’t happy with what the government of the time was doing, there would have been no revolutionary war and we’d all be waving union jacks and still paying taxes to the UK.
    And there’s a difference between peaceful protesters and those who are out simply to cause destruction, either because it feels good, or because they’re deliberately trying to make the peaceful protesters look bad.

    1. SO because people wanted to do something they shouldn’t, that driver had no right to get home??? That is hands down the stupidest statement I have seen this week!! You blame the person in fear for their lives and not the losers their disrupting their right to safety? Do you also know how quickly a seemingly clear street can become clogged with protesters?? But no, they shouldn’t have been able to go home. You are the moron.

  8. Will CSPD also be pursuing charges for the people blocking the road with no permit, or the ones that attempted to damage the SUV and threaten the occupants?
    Since when did it become legal to block roads or threaten others as part of the right to peacefully assemble?

  9. Too bad they didn’t hit the ones hitting their car or chasing them down. The car had the right to be there – the people walking in the street did not. Don’t blame the driver.

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