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Kelsey Berreth Case: New video released

krystal lee in berreths townhome Cropped
Krystal Lee points out where blood was splattered in Kelsey Berreth's townhome
KL and PF at berreth home
Krystal Lee and Patrick Frazee at Berreth's home
Photo of hay bale from the side
Photo of uncovered burn spot at Frazee property
Photo of floor after planks removed at Berreth's house
Photo of blood through floor boards in Berreth's home
Photo of cleaning spot at Berreth's house
Photo of FBI agents excavating burn spot at Frazee's property

The 4th Judicial District Attorney has released new videos and pictures that show Patrick Frazee's mistress and star witness Krystal Lee showing investigators where the murder took place and how she cleaned it up.

In evidence we're seeing for the first time, Lee is seen on video wearing a CBI hat and jacket walking through Kelsey Berreth's townhome pointing out where she cleaned up blood.

Frazee was convicted this week of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 156 years in prison.

Lee says she drove 12 hours from Idaho to Colorado after Patrick Frazee told her 'she had a mess to clean up.'

She told police that after Frazee killed Berreth, he placed her body in a black tote and took her to his ranch where he burned her remains.

The evidence the DA released today also shows Lee walking through his property showing where they burned Berreth's body and the bloody evidence from her home.

Friday marks one year since Berreth was last seen and since Lee says she was killed.

In return for Lee's testimony and cooperation with investigators, she got a plea deal and will serve up to three years for tampering with evidence.

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Alexis Dominguez

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