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Colorado Springs

Popular Colorado Springs diner closes due to lack of sales during COVID-19

Boulder Street Diner in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - The Boulder Street Diner made the swift decision to close its doors at the end of business Saturday, in an effort to shut down before reaching bankruptcy due to a lack of customers since COVID-19 hit Colorado.

Formerly Jill's Kitchen, the Boulder Street Diner has filled its booths with happy customers for years.

"My mom makes amazing pies, that's how she got started. We bought this from Jill six years ago," said co-owner Molly Conway. "We just became very popular. We were on top thinking 'man we really are killing this small business thing,' and then COVID hit."

"We don't blame anybody, it's just what it is," Jackie Conway told us.

When the state health order switched to takeout only, Molly and Jackie ran the diner themselves, hoping to salvage their business so their employees had a job to return to.

But when they were finally able to open back up for dine-in services, fifty percent capacity just didn't cut it -- since the profit margin for restaurants is so slim.

"There weren't enough people coming and eating, and then our takeout started going down, and we were losing money everyday," Molly told KRDO.

They decided to shut down before running out of money, holding out hope that someday down the line they can come back and do what they love most once again.

“We're going to bring something else back to this community that they can come and still be a part of us and our family," said Molly.

Above all, Molly and Jackie want to thank everyone who supported their restaurant -- which they said was more of a community than anything else. The two said they'll be sure to let customers know when they're back.

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. “But when they were finally able to open back up for dine-in services, fifty percent capacity just didn’t cut it — since the profit margin for restaurants is so slim.”
    Restaurant businesses are well known for running on such small profit margins, so unfortunately this is like many others around.

  2. If business can’t operate, employees can’t earn, to Collect Taxes, JUST WHAT does Government ‘think’ to do, to Repel This Virus That Doesn’t and Hasn’t INFECT(ED) Even 1% (ONE Percent) OF Humans, OR Even Killed 10%(Ten Percent) OF That 1%!!! As I and other people see it, The Government WILL Turn ALL who CAN”T Pay The Taxes, INTO A New Slave Class. Please explain, if you’ve got a different perspective and don’t resort to name-calling or terming of diminished intelligence, because that tells me that you’ve got nothing worth reflecting on.

    1. Every educated person in the world has a different perspective. Cuz science. Cuz math. Cuz dead people. Who cares if you reflect on it or not.

      1. So “cuz” you have Nothing. You can’t Refute The FACTS, and so will attempt to pummel intelligent Thinking people who won’t ‘buy’ the fear, the lies, of an illness being Politicized. Thought so.

        1. But you’re not posting facts. You’re just an idiot with access to Google. It’s really not worth refuting you because you simply don’t matter. That’s the bare knuckle, God honest truth. You’re just not worth the time. You’re not educated. You’re not a epidemiologist, you’re not s scientist. You’re a nobody. And as a nobody, you’re deserving of exactly nothing….

          Professionals seem to almost unanimously agree that distancing, lock downs, and masks were necessary to have stopped this like much of Europe and east Asia did. But you clowns knew best. Now you reap the fall you sewed. So burn, and burn bright for the world to watch in delight.

          1. Folks don’t pay taco2020 no mind. He is nothing either. Just an angry non binary gender neutral creature who has never made a sane comment yet. Name calling is the last resort of a loser. He starts off with it. Just like the crazy homeless man yelling on the street corner. Only he can see the red sky in his mind.
            He has no argument and can provide no facts against the truth.
            He needs mental health care, we see it, he can’t.

          2. Wow, you used epidemiologist in two posts now, that is a good! I wish I could give you a participation trophy so you can feel valued.

          3. Tsco you don’t have to have a degree to have COMMON SENSE……well maybe YOU do but I don’t.

          4. It’s so funny to watch you idiots squirm. Most of you are mad because I call you on your srupidity and I will keep doing it until you die or stop sh!roosting here. Whichever comes first. It’s hilarious how you retarded dirtbags think you deserve validation.

            Also, none of you have common sense. You have push-fed narratives. You don’t deserve a debate. Debating with stupid assholes is a worthless and devalued act. You just need to be called stupid. Because that’s what you are.

          5. Tsco2020. Where were you last night? Do you know how hard it is to have a foursome with your mom and dad when you don’t show up? We’ve done this a hundred times with them, and I know you’ve stated you’ve gotten bored and wanted to “Spice” things up by having your brother and sister join but that’s pushing it for me(thanks to Covid).

    2. No you are correct about the infection being very small as for the other stuff maybe…….maybe not.

  3. Sad part is we’ll all be stuck with Cr&p chain restaurant food for the next decade. Every small private owned restaurant will eventually go under but the big chains will survive and probably get a bailout in the name of “saving jobs”!

    1. That’s what you get for voting for Trump. He used the recovery funds to keep his buddies in business.

  4. Oh, oh, oh, my’feelings’ are SO hurt tsco…NOT! I’m seeming better educated, able to see the world reports, numerous graphs with the numbers, but KRDO doesn’t permit the posting of addresses. I can’t point you to the relevant information, but it’s so disappointing that your ‘education’ has failed to be effective. As a child Of God I’m not nothing; heck even your ignorant, easily-fed B.S. self is worth something to Him, even if it’s to demonstrate a lack of independent thinking ability. Lashing out as you are, yes, uh huh, we understand. Look up World Population, US Population, The Virus Statistics, and Percentage Calculator, because not everyone is a math wiz, I’m not, I admit. Plug in the numbers, and see for yourself, unless you want to ignore FACTS. Even with Other Causes that should have been the actual cause of death, but were attributed to this virus, to inflate the numbers to scare every human, There STILL Has Not Been even 700 Million Infected, nor 7 Million dead of this virus. That’s the low side of the numbers. I may not Live In Fear as it seems so many, you included, DO, that I desire to go mask-less, but I’ll give others their 6 feet or more, within reason. If we haven’t had it already, the odds are ever in our favor,99.8%, that unless something alters it, not likely to get a significant infection of this virus. Not all the doctors agree and not A Single One KNOWS ALL The Details of this virus, DEFINITIVELY, because if there WAS, he’d be your messiah. Mine Told me and others to Not Fear, Let our hearts be not troubled, for He is concerned with the smallest birds in the fields, so much more so for us His Children.

    1. I definitely want to stay more than six feet away from tsco2020. Stupidity is highly contagious.

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