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Colorado Springs woman who nearly died after Johnson & Johnson vaccine pushing for change

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado Springs woman nearly died after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, and she's now hoping more people understand the risks of getting the shot before making an appointment.

Kendra Lippy is 38-years-old and has spent most of her life in Colorado Springs. She made an appointment to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in March because she says she wanted to protect her friends and family.

Her vaccine experience was pretty normal for about a week. Then, she started to notice a headache and abdominal pain. From there, she started vomiting. She couldn't stop. She knew something was wrong.

Her mother took her to the hospital. Doctors worked to figure out what was wrong with her, but she ultimately slipped into a coma. All of her organs failed, except for her heart. Doctors had to remove most of her small intestine, which helps your body absorb nutrients.

Her family began preparing for the worst -- they started planning her funeral.

Miraculously, 22 days later, Lippy woke up.

Her recovery was intense. She had to relearn fine motor skills, like writing and using a fork. She had to relearn how to walk too.

Lippy is one of six women across the country who experienced severe blood clotting after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Their reactions prompted the CDC to recommend a pause on the J&J. The pause only lasted 11 days, but the CDC now warns people about the clotting risk before they get that shot.

Months later, Lippy is still working to recover. She has to rely on total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which is a method of feeding that bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. It means she has to restrict her diet and constantly change the dressing on her arm.

"I'm always going to have this disability, kind of, that's going to limit to what I can eat and limit, you know, some probably some activities that I can't do anymore," Lippy said. "Right now, I know it's hindering me being able to go back to work, which is what I want to do. I'm not a stay-at-home person. I'm not somebody that's gonna sit still, it's just not me. I have to do something."

She didn't have insurance before being admitted to the hospital, and while she's trying to get on Medicaid, Lippy is facing more than a million dollars in medical bills. She's also limited on what support she can get moving forward.

The government shielded vaccine makers from liability, so she can't sue Johnson & Johnson. She also doesn't have a legitimate legal route to sue the government for this either. Her only option to get financial support with all of her bills is now to apply for a program called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). It would only cover medical bills that haven't been reimbursed by insurance and lost wages -- and it's incredibly difficult to actually get approved. Less than 1 in 10 people end up getting compensated after applying.

Lippy has since hired an attorney. He's helping her navigate the application process. He's also hoping to work with politicians to pass legislation that might help someone like Lippy.

Until then though, Lippy is left to wait. She's recovering, drowning in medical debt, and hoping for a shot at a normal life.

Coworkers set up a GoFundMe to support Lippy with these costs. For more information on that, click here.

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Sydnee Stelle

Sydnee is an MMJ for KRDO NewsChannel 13. You can learn more about her here.



  1. “Lippy is one of six women across the country who experienced severe blood clotting after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.”
    Knowing that you’re only one of six who experienced the clotting is no help when you’re the one. But it still has to put in perspective. This lady was most likely to have reacted to something else that would have resulted in similar clotting, if it hadn’t been for the vaccine. It’s a condition that makes a person more prone to it, and is not unknown, although still quite rare. The fact that over 9 million doses have been given (as of a month ago) with only 6 confirmed reactions means it’s statistically safe. Many more that 6 in 9 million unvaccinated people have died from Covid itself in the same time frame.

    1. To clarify, approximately 10,000 people in the US have died of Covid-19 since the J&J vaccine was first approved in late April 2021 until now, compared to the 6 who suffered from cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) in combination with low levels of blood platelets, called thrombocytopenia.

      1. So it doesn’t matter that she had a 99% chance of surviving the virus its self. She felt pressured into getting the shot.
        Who cares if people die or are permanently disabled from the shot as long as that number in not greater then the number of people who have died form the virus. Right!?! So its all good, go be a good citizen and get your shot. If you die then it was for the greater good. You should be proud to sacrifice your life for the nation and you comrades. You will be a hero for the democrat party! (oh wait this sounds familiar. Is Reality flirting with communism/socialism?)……..woah

        1. I have frequently pointed out about the numbers of people who are permanently disabled from getting Covid-19 itself are also HUGE, and are not reported in the press because the numbers are still being compiled. There are risks with every medical treatment people receive, and they’re always spelled out to patients beforehand, if they bother to rad about them. There are no guarantees in life, so to pretend that this situation is any different is just fooling yourself. And trying to blame any political party is even more pathetic. Where are your cheers for Trump for getting those vaccines developed early?

          1. I have never cheered anyone about the vaccine because it is a cluster F***.
            What I do see is ever mounting social pressure to get people to ultimately have a medical procedure they really don’t want or need. Just to be socially accepted and not ridiculed. That is completely wrong and unethical. Enticing people to get the shot with money and scholarships is insane. So now you will have more people who will get the shot that don’t need it and it exposes them to more risk/harm. People are not educating themselves as they should about the benefits and risks of the shot they are just listening to hollow comments. Ohh its 100% safe and effective, when it is not. They qualify it by saying it was safe and effective during the limited short term clinical trials by the drug company. None of the data has been reviewed or approved by the FDA in its entirety. It was a dash for cash to get a shot out, so do you believe that they were completely honest? No. When the J&J issues came out and they paused its use, they found out J&J didn’t disclose that part of their data from their clinical trials. What is there to trust right now? Politicians who say its fine and bribe you with a lottery…….. If it was so safe and effective then why do they feel the need to bribe, entice, berate, pressure people to get the shot?

    2. Funny thing if you read the news from an Australian point of view (into the U.S.) they have many different stories about us covering up some side effects and deaths.

    3. Your first post is an outright uninformed or just blatant lie. There are far more cases of blood clots, both reported and far more unreported publicly available to see on the Cdc’s safety monitoring system called VAERS.

      There are 909 reported cases
      Most likely 89k unreported cases, due to the fact that less than a percentage of the cases are ever reported due to poor safety monitoring, and that is number comes from only cases of “thrombosis” which is blood-clotting. There are far more serious adverse events ranging from Asymmetry Facial paralysis, sudden blindness, severe rashes, vomiting, and deaths which are publicly available on Vaers, which is the system the cdc is using currently to investigate cases of Myocarditis occurrences in young and healthy children.
      Stop spreading misinformation and go study a little more into this.

  2. According to the NY Times, as of February 2021, there were 36 reported cases of thrombocytopenia (resulting in one death) attributed to the Pfizer and Moderna experimental, injectable biological agents. These were only the REPORTED cases. Several cases of healthy, young adults who suffered stroke and heart attack shortly after the jab.

    Look up esteemed pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory and watch his testimony before the Senate as aired on C-SPAN for effective Covid prophylactics as well as treatments. NO FEAR!

    1. “Reported cases” means that they were not verified as being related to any vaccine. None of those was subsequently attributable to the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

      1. When news of this pandemic emerged, I made it a point to download as many studies on SARS-CoV 1 as I could. When certain drugs were subsequently demonized and criminalized, I had already studied the safety and efficacy of those drugs and knew the pandemic was about to be politicized on a grand scale and at the expense of people’s lives. To be clear, I am not anti-vax, nor am I a supporter of Trump. It should greatly concern anybody to watch the magnitude of suppression of effective prophylactics and treatments, as well as the warnings from world-reknowned virologists and immunologists about the nature of spike protein induced “immunity”. Facebook is using logarithms to detect and address “vaccine hesitancy”. Social media removes medical doctors’ testimonials about existing drugs. My family has natural immunity from Covid. According to studies, we have the BEST immunity- long lasting T cell memory immunity. Why the push for vaccination for those who’ve already had Covid? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

        1. I so agree with everything you posted.
          The federal sponsored bribery is at spill-over level.
          Want a free beer??
          How can the federal government have a partnership like this?? WHYY??

        2. I have found lots of medical information about prophylactics and treatments (but no cures!). Perhaps you just need to know where to look.
          One of the most prominent ones is the possibility that properly administered Ivermectin may be an effective prophylactic, but it hasn’t been studied enough for its efficacy to be properly evaluated. Remdesivir and Favipiravir have been shown to be effective in certain instances, but require daily intravenous administration. And they don’t seem to be effective in all circumstances.
          So there hasn’t been suppression of information. It’s readily available to the medical community. It’s just perhaps not ready for public consumption, or we’ll have more fiascos like the “Dr. Trump-recommended” Hydroxychloroquine.

  3. How about the governor award her one of those COVID lottery 1 million dollars? Or how about the nice people of Colorado who win those COVID lotteries help her out?

  4. This is why they make you sign a waiver of liability to get this injection.
    So if they f*ck you up for life like this poor woman, it’s not their problem.
    Shame on the US government for allowing this.
    Possibly -if she has put 10 years into social security, she might qualify for SSD.
    Prayers her way,
    at least she is still alive, but her quality of life is horribly diminished.

  5. Would be the same if she had long haulers from the virus……? Most likely. We make our choices. She could have chosen a different vaccine.

    1. Shedefinitely chose the “one and done” and that is what happened to her.
      And that’s how J&J promoted their vaccine

  6. the condemnation being heaped upon citizens who have not taken the shot is nothing short of disgusting.
    Even our own president has no problem making this point.

    They state un-injected people must wear their masks because they can catch and spread covid.
    WELL SO CAN THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TAKEN THIS SHOT. They are just a vector for this virus to keep recycling itself. “The Vaccinated ” are free to skip social distancing and masks, which is wrong so wrong, they may in fact be the biggest group of spreaders now. Just because they don’t still follow those protocols and many many immunologists and drs of note have said this is a big mistake-its just bribery on the part of the US government. carrots and sticks.

    1. Of course vaccinated people can spread the virus. But not nearly as virulently as unvaccinated people. It’s not a black/white world. You have to evaluate the relative values of being vaccinated vs. not at all.

  7. (Impersonation)
    Hello, this is Dr. Fauci speaking. I know a lot of the commentators here will want to have some fun at my expense, and at what may be perceived as slight inconsistencies of policy, but they would be completely and entirely incorrect to do so. You cannot possibly understand gain-of-function as it is precisely defined by political science. “Gain” simply means to… well, to gain and “function” is how something… well, how it functions… this is basic, non-controversial science for which I never authorized funding except possibly to help make more deadly pathogens for better health and a safer world, which I categorically deny for now.

    In the scientific community, we know that a virus can come from wild bats and a lab if those bats work in labs. This is well understood in immunology… or perhaps it’s virology… one of those “-ology” sciences, certainly not quantum physics, although I like how something can be a wave and a particle. I don’t think I could possibly be any clearer about that, especially in my accustomed muzzled-for-the-cameras attire which was not necessary a year ago but now that we have the vaccine everyone should wear masks so that when we finally have a vaccine nothing will change except normal, which will be new.

    I don’t think I could possibly be any clearer, except to say that no one in America should be wearing a mask a year ago since nothing will save you from covid except the vaccine, although I kind of like remdesivir since it’s not hydroxycholoroquine which is simply too affordable and effective to be recommended by high-ranking government health officials which I am paid to play on TV. No one will offer you free french fries or a lottery ticket for taking hydroxycholoroquine. Again, wait for the vaccine which is already here so things can get back to normal which they can’t since a mask may catch a droplet or two. I don’t think I could possibly be clearer about that.

    1. Don’t quit your day job (if you have one) in favor of impersonations. You do a very poor job at that.

    2. Hey Richierich- Former President Trump here-You can even go with a way more affordable cure than hydroxycholoroquine. You can inject bleach into your veins that will certainly cure it. That is a hundred percent effective in stopping you from spreading Covid-

  8. When the virus first came out, I did nothing. I’m still doing nothing. Not getting the shot, not wearing a mask. Not going to do it. I truly believe the only ones who it’s affecting are the people who “choose” not to take care of themselves by eating healthy and exercising. I’ve seen people on the news crying about how bad the virus is and after spending months in the hospital, they still look fat or obese. So I’m not buying into all the hype the media keeps putting out. I find it kind of sick how the Governments are bribing people to get the shot, with our tax dollars. Now that’s a sickness right there that needs cured.

    1. Here is one for you. It kinda makes some sense.
      The virus is hardest on the unhealthy, obese, poor and already sickly people. This same demographic is the biggest drain on resources and a socialist/communist government. So why not use a virus to decrease that population? China does this already and the world has cried foul. If it is a global pandemic……then no one can say much about China’s new population control virus.

  9. ’ve believed all along that this virus was leaked from a lab. However, I’ve never believed that this was an accident. I think this whole thing was planned carefully and well in advance as a test. I believe it was released on purpose as a bio-weapon to decrease the population some and to deal a devastating blow to the world’s economy (especially in the U.S.), but more importantly to take away many of our rights and test the limits of just how much control and oppression people were willing to tolerate. I’m sure the evil powers that be are pleased overall with the disgustingly high number of sheeple who blindly bought into the fear mongering and stealing of their rights. And now, with this fake “vaccine”, they’re moving forward with their plan to destroy and control the masses. >:(

    Regarding the power structure (elitists and liars), you are right. We see what they want us to see – and the lame stream corporate media will always control the narrative. It is naive, to believe that we will even make a dent in the control that is exerted over humanity, on a daily basis – unless the international lawyers can win over the courts; which begs the question: Will the courts do the right thing; or are they all paid off, just like every other governing body? With all the good people (doctors, scientists, lawyers and researchers) working on humanity’s behalf, who have all been banned, censored and de-platformed, doing their best to get the TRUTH out – exactly what has changed for the better?

    We should not be focused on the “Deadly Virus”; which at worst, has affected only a small subset of the population (I’ll say it again; look around you and try to find one person who is dying from covid!). Have we forgotten how conveniently the colds and flu have disappeared, during this FRAUD? I’ve had people tell me that they have a friend or family member who was sick from, or “died” from covid. I assert that this is a lie – They were “told” by the “health authorities” that this was the case. There is a huge difference! There are millions of us who have taken no measures to “protect” ourselves from this “Deadly Virus”; and yet, none of us are sick…anyone care to explain that one?!

    And please Check refute as always. Your comments always give me joy! I just love trolls and haters especially my new friend msguided…always welcome both of your sense of humor

  10. Why are we still obsessing with proving the earth is not flat? It doesn’t matter whether the “virus” was released intentionally or accidentally. There is a tsunami of evidence of a pre-planned eugenicist agenda to reduce world population not with guns and bombs but with weapons of mass destruction: creating fear of a non existent pandemic, the use of fake “testing” leading to international lawsuits, falsifying mortality statistics, injection by coercion, economic meltdown, bribery and corruption, censorship by mainstream media, forcing whistleblowers on to alternative media, reporting one million strong protest marches as “two or three hundred”, punishing medical doctors for refusing to comply, ignoring scientific analysis by top microbiologists, ignoring evidence such as event 201, and every other means to commit mass murder except forcing us into gas ovens at gunpoint.

    How much more evidence is required that World War III is in full swing? The problem is not that evidence is hard to find but there is so much in plain sight that it’s hard to keep track of it all! The game was up long ago. Time we took back control and stormed the Bastille. In the first link, a Canadian doctor, who is not against vaccines, describes the backlash when he reported adverse events after the Moderna injection.…/WMukbkgbx2v2…/1398722567637176322

  11. Now my comments are awaiting moderation? Good job KRDO…now you’ve gone to the point of silencing free speech?

  12. By the comments I deduce that most people are waking up to the scam that has been played on the world. The question is do the workers at KRDO worry about being caught up in the backlash for not speaking up when they saw that it’s true….that covid hysteria is a scam….and they are part of it?

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