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Feeling Like Fall!

Tonight: The line of thunderstorms will continue it's track eastward through the remainder of the eveing. It's possilbe a few storms intensify and turn severe, producing hail and strong wind gusts. It's already turning clear in Colorado Springs as our severe weather threat has come to an end. Gradually turning clear for all Colorado residents after 10pm with temperatures to 50 degrees in Colorado Springs and 56 in Pueblo.

Sunday: Plenty of morning sunshine helping temperatures warm to 5-10 degrees above seasonal averages during the afternoon. Expect a high of 88 degrees in Colorado Springs and 94 in Pueblo. Isolated afternoon showers are possilbe but the vast majority of central/southern Colorado will stay dry through the day, and any showers that do develop will stay sub-severe.

Extended: A cold front will drop through Colorado early Monday morning helping temperatures cool significantly to start the week, high temperatures only in the 70s and 80s Monday/Tuesday. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are also possible early in the week, with a drying trend starting Wednesday.

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Sam Postich

Sam is a weekend meteorologist for KRDO. Learn more about Sam here.

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