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Evacuation order for Skylark Mobile Home Park for fire, eight homes lost

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- There's an evacuation order for 3831 N Cascade Av; Skylark Mobile Home Park due to a structure fire.

Residents are told to evacuate immediately.

A viewer shared the video below showing how the fire looked from the UCCS Cyber Building parking lot.

Courtesy of Micki Cockrille

The evacuation center is at Grace Baptist Church at 3500 N. Nevada Ave.

According to officials, eight mobile homes were completely lost due to the fire. CSFD says the fire spread rapidly due to the wind.

CSFD says the 50 firefighters who responded were originally on their way to another fire and made a last-minute decision to change routes on their own when they heard about the fire.

A lot of pets were roaming around the area and were taken to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Area.

This is a developing story.




    1. All speculation, but it could be a cigarette or grill fire. Sometimes you can get a stove fire and it spreads fast in this wind, or faulty electric line. Where we are when it’s windy there’s often a downed tree or branches that hit power lines.

  1. Shame that 8 homes were lost in this park. It’s a pity that these homes, while not as valuable as the ones in Stetson Hills, burned down but it appears no damage at all to the wealthier area.

    1. In addition, the evacuees from Stetson Hills were directed to UCCS Health Park, where they received refreshments and there was entertainment, too. The trailer home people went to a nearby gym. No word on refreshments or entertainment. And now their pets are roaming, frightened, to be taken to the pound.

      1. Park fire apparently started as a house fire then as it moved propane tanks exploded. Stetson was a gras s fire in open space.

    2. I’m as quick as the next guy to figure it’s about the money, but in this case you have a fire that started in a field with houses spaced and probably it was tackled before it hit a residence; with the park, those places are close and eight houses could burn in the time it takes to burn a yard somewhere else. The longer I live in the area the more I think the most important thing is someone seeing the fire as it starts (which you’ll do if it’s a field in a neighborhood more than if it’s in a kitchen or an alley). That’s why something like the Waldo Canyon fire was so unstoppable, by the time anyone saw the smoke the fire was already too big to stop.

      1. No, it was reported almost immediately by some cyclists on Rampart Range Road. Air support was deployed within hours. The entire fire raged for about 3 weeks. Believe what you want, but the smoke was seen.

        1. The response was delayed due to the location. It takes time to get firefighting equipment into those areas, and air support was delayed until ground crews could confirm the size of the fire. That’s the main reason it spread like it did, because the early support was delayed long enough.

        2. I’ll look that up, my info was just from the time so well outdated and I may certainly have missed things. Do you disagree with my premise or just my example?

        3. Just took a look at All Trails, i guess my point wasn’t clear as you seem to have missed what I was saying.

  2. Thank you, firefighters, for changing routes and helping fight this fire. It could’ve been worse if help had arrived later. Thanks, viewer, for sharing your video. Sad that homes were lost and pets were roaming around. Hope no pets were killed or injured. Hopefully, all of the pets will be safely reunited with their owners. The good thing is that so far no lives, human or pet, were lost. Homes can be replaced, lives can’t.

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