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Colorado Springs’ opening of first Whataburger store pushed back due to construction delays

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Whataburger, the popular Texas-based fast food restaurant that was supposed to open in Colorado Springs late last year, is now scheduled to start business in late winter or early spring of this this year.


A corporate spokesperson who was unavailable for an interview Wednesday, told KRDO NewsChannel 13 by phone that the store being built along Interquest Parkway on the city's north end should be ready for business "in early 2022."

Bob Cope, the city's economic development director, agrees with that timeline.


"Yes, and we were thinking February or March, probably no later than April, he said. "Success breeds success and I do expect others restaurants to follow suit. They all watch each other and see what's successful. Maybe we're still not big enough for a Cheesecake Factory, which most people seem to ask for. But we're big enough to be attractive to many restaurant chains."


There appears to be a considerable amount of work remaining at the construction site; workers were busy there on Wednesday and the parking lot was filled with construction materials.


Ironically, the spokesperson said that "construction delays" are responsible for moving the opening date back; she didn't specify whether supply chain issues with materials are causing the delay.

Employees for the Whataburger store are being trained in a building near the intersection of Powers Boulevard and Constitution Avenue; one trainee said that he thought the store would open in a few weeks.


In announcing its intent to come to Colorado Springs, Whataburger said that it will eventually build and open stores elsewhere in the city.


Meanwhile, the In-N-Out Burger chain has opened two city locations within a year: On Interquest just east of the Whataburger location, and on Constitution across the street from Whataburger's training facility -- the area where Whataburger intends to open its second location.

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. Had the opportunity to taste a whataburger in the Houston airport. I was not impressed. I prefer in-n-out although I do see a lot of reviews that prefer whataburger. 5 guys has them both beat on taste, if you don’t mind spending $10 for a burger. Feeding a family of four there gets expensive.

    1. and no matter what an airport is no place to judge the food.
      Even at first, these double drive-thrus will be so blitzed by orders as well as Delivery going out the back-they quality will suffer. Best wait until it has a moderate humming crew. Best for business best for your burger 🙂

  2. Spent many young and adult years in South Texas. My son even worked for them.
    I look forward to enjoying a What-A-Burger with my family.
    This is a super rare treat for me as I do not eat any beef/red meat except a 1# block of organic 80/20 which costs the same as regular ground beef. No hormones, no antibiotics. But for this last time eating What-A-Burgers was likely Fall/2014. Will be my next and last non-organic burger possibly for life.
    Only a BIG LOBSTER could be better !!

  3. Fast food joints, shootings, murders, cronyism on city council, inflated utility bills, and that’s the news in Colorado Springs.

  4. It is an insane time in construction. Materials are getting scarce and many items like light fixtures, and other finishing items have outrageous lead times. The price of everything in construction materials wise has almost doubled in the last year. Lets Go Brandon!

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