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Stephannie Fortune sworn in Monday as newest member of Colorado Springs City Council but recall effort looms

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A monthlong, contentious and controversial process ended Monday as the Council officially filled the District 3 vacancy created by the resignation of longtime councilman Richard Skorman.

Stephannie Fortune took the oath of office as the beginning of Monday's Council work session and promptly took her seat for the first time.


Fortune will serve until the city election next spring, when she plans to run and serve the remainder of Skorman's term.

City of Colorado Springs

The process is over but the controversy isn't; some District 3 residents -- in downtown and on the city's southwest side -- have announced their intent to start a recall effort against Fortune.


Ruth Obee, a writer and longtime district resident, supports a recall of Fortune.

"I support it because the process, in my mind, was not a fair process or a just process," she said. "(We) had no knowledge of this candidate before, and it has been imposed on us from the top down."

Ruth Obee

Two Council members who voted in support of Fortune -- Tom Strand and Wayne Williams -- could also be targeted for a recall, Strand said.

"I don't see this as a cloud hanging over our heads," Strand said. "We're ready to move on. But we may review the process of filling Council vacancies and make changes if needed. We followed the process that the city charter requires."


Many district constituents remain unhappy about Fortune's appointment, saying that she has lived in the district for only a few months, doesn't represent their views and that their concerns weren't seriously considered by the Council.


"I hear the rumblings of different things but hopefully we can put that aside," Fortune said, in response to the recall possibility. "I'm just going to keep my head down, get to work, listen to people and do the job that I've been selected to do."

Obee said that petition signatures for a recall must total at least 25% of district residents, and reaching that figure would result in a special election to determine whether Fortune stays or goes.


"I haven't spoken personally with her yet," Obee said. "But I don't think that if I do, I will change my opinion about her. She may be a fine person but she simply doesn't hold the views of most of the people in this district. We didn't get anywhere in trying to convince the Council but a recall is our last option to have our voices heard."

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



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  1. The council reflects the will of their campaign donors – not the will of the people. It’s always been that way.

    1. “and do the job that I’ve been selected to do.”

      its supposed to be ELECTED not SELECTED

  2. “”I don’t see this as a cloud hanging over our heads,” Strand said.”
    Too hard to see with all of the Contractor lobbyist money stacked in the way.
    I support the recall because is disagree with the city charter allowing City Council to pick “Their” Candidate, not the District’s residents picking their candidate.

    1. The problem I see is how much damage will be done by City Council to the cities inhabitants in the timeframe until the recall can be filed.

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