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Changes considered for Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- One of the busiest corridors in the city, and one of the few streets that crosses the city from east to west, could have some significant changes in its future.


As part of an ongoing corridor study, city planners are looking at several strategies for improving Platte Avenue -- a thoroughfare that stretches mostly from downtown to Peterson Air Force Base.

City of Colorado Springs

One idea involves slowing and restricting traffic on the downtown end by reducing Platte to one lane in each direction and using the additional space for a center landscaped median, bike lanes and areas that can be used for special events.


The downtown section of Platte is where a Borriello Brothers pizza restaurant is located, and owner Mike Clemente isn't convinced that such changes would work.


"Limiting traffic downtown and trying to get more people to come downtown, doesn't seem to be making sense," he said. "We've got more people moving here, driving cars. I'm a bicyclist myself, but it doesn't make sense to make (Platte) one lane."


Another idea suggests widening the corridor between Academy and Powers boulevards because of traffic from residents of new homes being built on the northeast side of the city.


That idea also calls for removing the entrance and exit ramps at the Academy interchange, creating two intersections on either side of Academy and providing more space for potential development.

Platte Avenue was once part of U.S. 24 but as the city has grown and diversified, the thoroughfare doesn't serve users as well as it did.


"Each corridor is unique and different," said Aaron Egbert, senior city engineer. "Some's residential, some's business, some are downtown businesses, different cultures. So what we're trying to do is match those areas up, kind of come up with different concepts."

Egbert said that the study should be finished by the end of the year, but there are no cost estimates or timetables for specific projects.

City of Colorado Springs

Citizens are asked to submit ideas for improving Platte to the city online; the next public session is scheduled for Thursday.

For more information, visit:

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. Because narrowing all of the old two lane (4 lanes going both directions) down to one lane each direction but adding a bicycle lane will @ssist the atrocious traffic congestion? Do these Id10ts at city council think at all, or just use their heads to wear hats? Stop making things worse than they were when you started!

    1. I agree with you completely. Just trying to justify their position by doing SOMETHING, regardless of how insipid their ideas are.

      1. So took a look at this link. Looks like the committee mostly consists of women, no wonder city planning has gone the way it has…we need more men on this committee Stat. Women are good at things, but obviously not planning a city.

  2. I drive Platte in the down town area all the time. The only backup that happen are around the statue, the rest is no problem. Compared to the mess the call Fillmore street, Platte and Nevada, tejon etc is a summer picnic. Move the general if that’s the problem.stick him in America the beautiful park. Geeze it ain’t rocket science.

  3. Why would you want to reduce lanes that will only increase traffic back ups? Have you been down to the south part of the county in the Security, Fountain area. There is so much traffic on the one lane roads its a mess, but yet they keep building. What are you city leaders smoking? Move that horse out of the middle of the street to make room for traffic. It appears that El Paso County doesn’t have anyone smart in charge.

  4. Both reducing the lanes of Platte and eliminating the interchange at Academy are horrible ideas. Why would they even entertain them?

  5. Another “one lane with a bike lane” solution. Is the city planner an avid bike rider or what? Platte Ave is fine the way it is. If you want to improve it, move General Palmer over to the park.

  6. Sure, whatever, this isn’t my hometown anymore anyway. Why care anymore…

    But what they SHOULD do is make the entirety of downtown pedestrian only.

  7. Wow, adding thousands of new residential units downtown AND removing 50% of traffic lanes to a major downtown corridor? Why not wait until the new units are filled before you make the decision. Have at least some idea of how the traffic will change prior to embarking on a project that you think will be good at this time. Plan for the vast changes that will occur once the whole downtown is full to the brim with all the new residents and their vehicles. Be proactive for once.

  8. Reducing lanes is brain dead and st^pid. One, reducing the lanes will only create further traffic problems. Two, those that don’t want to wait in traffic on Platte will now move to Pike Peak. Does the city plan on reducing lanes on that road too?

    1. Probably so whatever plans they REALLY want to push through don’t look quite so bad after seeing this one.

  9. For the cost of this bonkers pretty and fancy report; the city could fund a 24/7 dedicated patrol of Platte.
    Where is the already present traffic supposed to go? The report covers NOTHING about that item, nothing.

  10. We get 300 cars and 5 bicycles thru here an hour, looks like we better give the bicyclists more room by giving them a full lane.
    ‘Won’t that cause problems in an already congested area?’
    You heard me!! Bicycles!!

  11. The city council and manager should concern themselves with fixing road before starting another project. Or at least wait to see what the results for the future location for the space force headquarters before committing taxpayer money for thier pet projects that benefit thier campaign sponsors and ignore the citizens of the city. The city continues to create more work, yet they do medicore repairs that last less than a season. The city management spend more time selling the city to tourist than making things accessible to the residents, sad but true.

  12. Before we go all out I think FINISHING the other repairs in the city FIRST would be a good idea.

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