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Colorado Springs City Council passes first vote on carport ordinance

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The City Council voted 8-1 Tuesday in favor of a proposed ordinance regulating carports in neighborhoods.

The proposal has been revised several times but the latest version seems agreeable to many carport owners who have contributed with city staff in the decision-making process.

City of Colorado Springs

Under the proposal, the city -- for safety and aesthetic reasons -- would restrict where a carport can be placed in a front yard, and set building requirements that would prevent the views of sidewalks and streets from being blocked by vehicles backing out of carports.

With council passing the proposal Tuesday, it would become official after a second vote in two weeks.


Carports became a controversy late last year, and in January the council enacted a moratorium on citations and appeals until the matter is resolved.


The moratorium has been extended several times and expires at the end of the year.

Some carport owners are worried that the latest version of the proposal, which sets architectural standards allowing carports to naturally blend into surrounding neighborhoods, may force them to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply.

City of Colorado Springs

The vote came after an hourlong discussion late Tuesday afternoon; Councilman Mike O'Malley was the only member to vote against it.


Carport owners who can't or won't comply with the ordinance can take the structures down, pay a fine for violations or appeal a citation to the city.

Tuesday's vote may not end the controversy, however; the council said it will monitor how the ordinance works and consider future amendments, if needed.


The council spent most of Tuesday's meeting talking about the outgoing chairman of the Pikes Peak Library Board of Trustees.

The chairman is to be replaced at the end of the year by a new volunteer despite strong public support that included former Councilwoman Jill Gaebler.

Two council members and two El Paso County commissioners reviewed applications and selected two new board members; critics of the decision felt that it was politically motivated.

A motion to have the council review the selection process was narrowly defeated, and the council upheld the appointment of the board members, but the matter will be discussed again at a meeting next month.

Finally, the council approved allocating $2.3 million to acquire the former Stratton Park property in the southwest corner of the city.

City of Colorado Springs

The Parks and Recreation Department will partner with the nonprofit Golden Lotus Foundation to develop the 8.5-acre parcel into a modern park that will include an Asian cultural and heritage center similar to attractions in Denver and Seattle.

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



    1. Yes it is. That’s why it’s possible to solve small problems while continuing to work on larger ones. It’s called multi-tasking, a skill that some people don’t have.

      1. RC, Doesn’t City Council actually have to be working on multiple tasks to be cl@ssified as multi-tasking? Not 1 low-level item a month? Unless you consider a resignation party an important line item they had to do… Or perhaps raising the utilities rates… maybe pet shop / puppy mills…
        yup tackling the real issues in the springs…thanks for nothing but more revenue generation for the cities coffers.
        not the lack of LE officers (9 seconds short of a 12 minute emergent response time), or tackling the human trafficking that operate in the illicit m@ssage Spas, or the poor condition of the roadways, or the homeless squatters camping along the creek(s), or the water issues, or the electrical issues city council caused by shutting down Drake 10 years too early, or responding to the federal government mandate overreach, the list goes on and on.

  1. This… or dealing with the illicit m@ssage spas that deal in human trafficking.
    City council’s response: “those pesky damn carports are out of control”.
    Truly the greater of the two evils.

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