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Proclamation opposing COVID-19 vaccination mandates approved Tuesday by El Paso County commissioners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The five county commissioners unanimously passed a proclamation against the state or the federal government requiring people to take COVID-19 vaccines.


The proclamation was read at the beginning of Tuesday's regular meeting, and was applauded by a group of around a dozen citizens supporting the action.

Commissioner Carrie Geitner introduced the proclamation.

El Paso County

"There was supposed to be a meeting Thursday about the state health department reconsidering the vaccine mandate for health care professionals and other groups," she said. "But since this proclamation was written, the state has decided to let the mandate stand until it hears what the federal government plans to do about its mandate for employers with more than 100 workers. I'm very disappointed about that."

Marie, a 21-year Colorado Springs city employee, told commissioners about the high stress level surrounding vaccine mandates.

"People are worried about firing employees or getting sick from taking the vaccine," she said. "I want to thank you for your actions today."


Stacy Adair, a Colorado Springs teacher, said that the proclamation will encourage others opposed to vaccine mandates to take a similar stand.

Commissioner Chairman Stan VanderWerf said that he and his fellow board members decided to issue the proclamation two weeks ago.

"With state or federal directives possibly coming out soon about mandates, we wondered if we should wait to issue this proclamation," he said. "We decided to do it now. Taking the vaccine should be a personal choice. No one should be forced to do it or be fired if you don't."


The proclamation is largely symbolic with no power to change mandates, but VanderWerf said that's not the point.

"Hopefully, it places the state and federal governments on notice that this is our position," he said. "We can't even say how many county workers have been vaccinated because doing so would violate their privacy."


In other business, commissioners heard from several county departments about their critical needs as the budget toward finalizing next year's budget continues.

"I didn't hear any unreasonable requests," VanderWerf said. "But we have more departments to hear from on Thursday. I was pleased that some departments have no critical needs this year, but they will in upcoming years."


VanderWerf also said that the county is considering an employee pay increase similar to one being considered by the Colorado Springs City Council, in order to fill job openings and prevent workers from leaving for better-paying jobs elsewhere.

To read the entire proclamation, visit:

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



    1. And how is this proclamation going to do that? It has no means to force/enforce the stopping of mandates in the county. There is no legal weight to – or behind – this proclamation. It’s all just for show.

    2. There is a choice in this matter. No one is being forced to take the vaccine. The alternative is frequent testing. There are lots of things we are mandated to do, that we comply with. Wearing seatbelts, stopping at red lights, obeying speed limits, vaccinating kids for school, vaccinating teens for college, tons more stuff. Why make this the hill you may (literally) die on?

      1. they did not give that option to the people who worked at Memorial.
        nd as a frequent flyer at Memorial I have already experienced the effects of them being short-handed.

      2. Are you kidding us? A test that has been unreliable…not even to be used for a virus. Why do you think this is still around? False positives! Masks don’t work…if so why is there still COVID? Social distancing…we have been doing this all of our lives. Why no huge outbreaks from professional and college football games? Watch this video and get the truth. 2005 video proving Gates is behind this…all of it. Sixteen years ago…wake up!

        1. “! Masks don’t work…if so why is there still COVID? ”
          because “the vaccinated” were told they don’t need them anymore but we all know they can still catch and spread covid. Wearing a mask all last fall and winter reduced cases of the flu from multi-millions to JUST 1822 cases. SOMETHING WORKED.
          Ever since Biden said It’s the 4th of July take off your masks and have a hotdog-and re-permitting large unspaced group gatherings again-is what is keeping this virus viable. Look the Spanish Flu went away after about 2 years of enforced social distancing and masking-NO VACCINES AT ALL THEN-so suddenly that is no longer a valid solution. This is dividing society and communities and even neighbors. HOW CAN THIS BE SO GREAT IF THESE ARE THE RESULTS?

          1. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, said it was never meant to be a diagnostic tool due to ease of manipulation through over-amplification that produces false positives. Fauci knew this and used it to instill fear and unnecessary lock downs. Of course ALL other sicknesses would practically disappear when schools and colleges are closed, when everyone is drowning in hand sanitizer and wiping everything in creation down with antibacterial wipes and not socializing. Masking had nothing to do with it.

      3. No one is being forced?? How so?? If you are a federal employee and refuse, you lose your job and your security clearance. And because you lost your security clearance for disobeying a lawful order, then you don’t get it back no matter where you try to get another job.

        How is that not being forced to get vaccinated???? Governments are telling people that they will get fired if they do not get vaccinated. It doesn’t matter what job you have. They are even firing our first responders.

    3. Though this is a hollow proclamation, it is still a proclamation that is showing that the residents of this county will not be subjected to tyrannical rule. The problem is it has no teeth. So in essence the County Commissioners state they also agree that because of this illegal, immoral and unethical E.O. Mandate, people are being forced to make a choice of the lesser of 2 evils, either lose your job or get a vaccine injected into your body you do not agree with. I hope they iron this out and give this weight to respond to the federal government with in case this Mandate does go through even though 22 states are currently challenging its legality. These challenges themselves should be enough to make this E.O. Date be delayed until all of the court cases have been heard and adjudicated.
      As Americans, we have been taught that leadership that looks and acts like tyranny it probably is, so why is 60% of the populace so willing to complacently comply with orders that infringe on your civil liberties?
      When has the American populace ever supported a single president when they make a solo decision that impacts the entire populace of the nation entirely, even when it directly goes against the people’s will to choose if they want it or not?
      Why should anyone trust these vaccines when they are still protected by the PREP act? The PREP act makes everyone in Big Pharma the federal government and the medical industry exempt from liability except under conditions of extreme malicious acts. When has our government ever stepped in and provided nearly absolute immunity from lawsuit protecting them from civil litigation?
      This was a good step, now they need to take the next steps in this same direction.

  1. Does El Paso County even have anyone in office that has a brain? The County Commissioners are idiots. Who was that woman from Monument, between that babbling train wreck and Lauren in office CO you really need to do better than the trash you elect.

    1. Yes total idiots, who would possibly want to stand up for freedom and personal choice – so dumb. I vote for tyranny and socialism-because it works so good for the people!

      1. Yes, who would want to stand up for freedom to live, rather than to die because of Covid.

        1. I stand for the freedom to choose, period. It is not up to you, the government or anyone else to decide what goes in my body.

        2. I dunno – maybe ask every American soldier ever, who has stood up for all our freedom at the risk of dying. What a concept……Oh, nice fallacy of debate by the way. “Get vaccinated or you will die of covid”. – stats say 99% you’re wrong. (PS – maybe you should look up debate fallacies – nice try!)

    1. If people had any common sense they wouldn’t be Democrats or socialists. But we see how that worked out

    2. Common sense says that if you have had covid and recovered you do not need the shot. If you are not high risk you do not need the shot. Even Maxine Watters came out and said this then was blasted by her “Party” and silenced. Why? Because she was not following the administrations agenda. So it has nothing to do with health or saving lives and everything to do with politics. The people who want or need the shot have received it. The people who do not need the shot should not be forced to get it. Be like mandating flood insurance when you live on top of a hill because others live in the gully.

    3. People ARE using their common sense.
      YOUR common sense tells you that this shot is the way to go.
      MY common sense tells me that I do not want this injection.
      I have no issue with you about this shot thing-you made your choice freely-
      and so am I.
      I am just glad I don’t have kids in school.

    4. If the mob wouldn’t request our government to make illegal, immoral, and unethical mandates to force their fellow Americans to put something into their body that they do not want in their body; this too would make mandates obsolete. And this too would be common sense, but it would also be legal, moral and ethical, whereas your request infringes on your fellow American’s rights and liberties. There is a legal separation on which is which.

    5. Common sense (as well as actual factual stats (ever heard of those)) says unless you are Phat or elderly you are at almost 0 risk of covid. That’s what common sense says (you might be lacking some…..)

    1. please yes, go somewhere else. Like Chicago.
      The crooks that run the Springs spend all the tourist dollars on THEIR pet projects.
      Meanwhile, our roads continue to decay and ruin your tires, rims, alignments.

  2. It is funny how all the sudden the healthcare workers who have had no issues so far all the sudden are “health risks”. Or a risk that they get sick and can’t come in(2 weeks max) but now are being fired and they literally can’t come in anymore. There is no science that says you can continually get covid every month. People who have had the shot can carry and transmit covid. If it was about saving lives then every employee regardless of vaccination status should be tested.

    1. Memorial also skrewed alot of those fired workers a promised bonus for being in the trenches without fail. They fired them 2 weeks before they were due their bonus.

    1. here is an even creepier one of Bill Gates doing a TEDtalk in 2015 and the first thing he shows on a screen is a big giant CORONA VIRUS.

      Gates also indirectly funded the Wuhan lab by donating to Fauci’s company-which then used those very monies to fund the lab in Wuhan. Bill Gates is DEEPLY involved in talking about population control, etc as well. Watch this youtube video I am posting. and remember this was over 6 years ago.

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