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Tiny homes community planned for western El Paso County; believed to be first along Colorado’s Front Range

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Littleton-based company has announced plans to establish a community of tiny homes near Colorado Springs.

The company, Life Size: Tiny Communities, anticipates opening the community next fall. Joe Callantine, the president and founder, says that the community will be the first of its kind along Colorado's Front Range.

Callantine declined to reveal the location of the planned community but an El Paso County spokesperson said a request about a potential development was recently made for western El Paso County, on 9620 Chipita Park Road, along U.S. 24 in Ute Pass.

The spokesperson also said that tiny homes communities are allowed by the county's zoning requirements, specifically in districts where recreational vehicle parks are allowed.

Callantine hasn't officially filed an application, the spokesperson added, and that the project is in the early stages of the planning progress.

According to the company's website, the community will be called Bonsai Village and include the following:

  • +/- 30-minute commute to downtown Colorado Springs
  • BYOH – Bring Your Own Home
  • Access to ample nature trails on premises
  • Full utility hookups
  • Community Center
  • Anticipated monthly lease range: $650-850
  • Anticipated Fall 2022 opening

The company plans to use Bonsai Village as a model for other tiny homes communities across the country, and to make such communities more acceptable; many local zoning laws don't allow tiny homes and they've often been opposed by residents in traditional neighborhoods.

Investment communities also are available for the village.

For more information, visit:

Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. Call it what you want it is a trailer park. These tiny homes are just mobile homes that look like cabins. I have stayed in some in campgrounds and while they are nice for a week I cannot see myself living in one for a long period. Guess it takes a certain kind of person, like those that live in motorhomes.

  2. I wonder why Callantine ” . . . declined to reveal the location . . .” and is already trying to justify why it should be allowed?

  3. A little late to the game, aren’t they?
    The tiny home fad has been over for years.
    People have caught on to the scam that its a bad idea to spend “buy a real home” levels of money on an overpriced, overweight camper that ultimately forces you into the predatory cycle of rent and hookup fees.

    Some cities are so far deep in this cycle that they are already converting their abandoned “tiny home villages” into homeless encampments.

    We don’t need that in El Paso county. We can do better than just copying bad trends 5 years after they’re over.
    What’s the next failed business model that we are going to recycle after it was rejected by the major cities? Should we fish all those Electric scooters out of the San Francisco Bay?

    1. ROTFL about the electric scooter point.
      They want to bring that here next!!
      Maybe they need to watch a clip of when they clean the Riverwalk in San Antonio.
      Plenty of bikes for the effort!

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