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1 taken to hospital after rollover crash near downtown Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Fire Department had to use jaws of life to get a person out of a car that flipped over near downtown early Monday.

The crash happened shortly before 9 a.m. near Willamette and Wahsatch Ave., according to CSFD. It's not yet clear what led to the crash, but one SUV was on its roof with airbags deployed in the intersection.

CSFD got one person out of the car within minutes, and they were taken to the hospital. Information about their injuries wasn't given.

Police had the intersection blocked until the scene could be cleared. Keep updated on the KRDO Traffic map here.

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Andrew McMillan

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  1. It’s time the NTSB starts looking at the reason there are MORE rollover accidents with todays cars, and take action to stop production immediately.

    1. I have a feeling the reason has more to do with today’s drivers, rather than today’s cars. Always in a hurry, rarely slowing down prior to turning, not as well educated about the effect of using brakes while turning, etc. Today’s smaller SUVs do also tend to be more top-heavy, and that may well be a contributory factor. But in the hands of competent drivers, they drive just fine.

      1. Peltzman Effect. Peltzman studied the use of seat belts and found that as people felt safer because their car had belts they took more risks in driving, essentially subtracting safety in about the same amount that the seat belts added safety.

        People driving SUVs likely subconsciously take more risks.

        1. Absolutely correct about SUV drivers! However, what Peltzman didn’t take into account in his studies was the additional safety afforded people in crashes that were not their fault, which gives them a net benefit from wearing the seat belts.

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