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COVID-19 incidence continues to decline, reaching lowest levels of 2021


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- For the first time in seven months, on June 4 El Paso County’s seven-day incidence rate dipped below 100 cases per 100,000 people. This corresponds to a decreased positivity rate of below five percent along with fewer hospitalizations and deaths. The El Paso County Department of Public Health and Environment says that all of these are indications of increased community-level protection with the COVID-19 vaccines.  

“While our incidence numbers are declining, we are not out of the woods yet,” said Stephen Goodwin, chief data scientific strategist for El Paso County Public Health. “El Paso County’s disease transmission rate remains elevated as compared to the other large counties in the state, and disease exposure risk for unvaccinated individuals remains high. As more county residents choose to become vaccinated, they reduce their risk of severe illness and help drive disease transmission down in our community.” 

The Colorado Springs and El Paso County Vaccine Consortium continues to prioritize the elimination of any barriers to receiving the vaccine. The vaccine itself is free and doesn’t require insurance, there are multiple free transportation options, and several providers have transitioned to walk-in or same-day appointments. Vaccines are available to anyone 12 years and older. Vaccinated individuals in Colorado are eligible for cash prizes, including $50,000 for college scholarships for those ages 12 to 17 and $1 million for those 18 and older through the Colorado Comeback Cash program.

Vaccine data through Monday, June 7, including federal estimates:  

  • Total doses administered: 537,091  
    • 622,100 with federal estimates  
  • People vaccinated: 295,921 (48.6%)  
    • 344,200 (56.5%) with federal estimates  
  • People fully vaccinated:  252,907 (41.5%)   
    • 289,799 (47.5%) with federal estimates

To access the latest vaccine numbers for El Paso County, see the COVID-19 vaccine dashboard  

COVID-19 data trends through Tuesday, June 8:   

  • Seven-day incidence: 104.5  
  • Seven-day positivity: 4.87%  
  • Hospital admissions and deaths in the last seven days (June 1 – 7):  43 and 5

For more comprehensive local data, see the COVID-19 data dashboard.

Upcoming vaccine appointments available in El Paso County 

  • Broadmoor World Arena, June 11-14:  This clinic is using the Pfizer vaccine. Open to anyone 12 and older; those who are 12-17 will require parental consent. Walk-ins welcome.     
    • Registration is available here.  
  • Matthews-Vu Medical Group, 1550 Pulsar Drive, June 9-11: This clinic is using the Pfizer vaccine. Open to anyone 12 and older; those who are 12-17 will require a parent to be present.  
    • Registration is available here.   
  • UCHealth Memorial Hospital North & Memorial Administration Center, June 7-12: This clinic is using the Pfizer vaccine. Open to anyone 12 and older; those who are 12-17 will require parental consent. Walk-ins welcome.  
    • Registration is available here.  
  • Chapel Hills Mall, June 7-12: This clinic is using the Pfizer vaccine. Open to anyone 12 and older; those who are 12-17 will require parental consent. Walk-ins welcome.  
    • Registration is available here.  
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Kerjan Donovan

Kerjan is the weekend morning anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Kerjan here



  1. So many people said if we reopened that there would be a huge increase in cases because of our low vaccinated rate. Then the very next week they opened everything up and ditch the masks. Cases never spiked. Now they are going way down. Funny how that worked.

  2. A key element of the psy-op is occurring outside of the medical realm. It is a mental virus being spread in classrooms, promoting racism, injustice and unconscious compliance, all couched in terms that indicate their opposites. People so indoctrinated are now occupying key positions in government, corporations and society, like an invading army slipping-in under cover of generational gradualism. That gradualism drifts from bedrock moral precepts through moral-relativism’s downward-wending way. To resist this psy-op, it must be seen for what it is, but the acuity needed to make those determinations is under systematized assault.

    The net effect is a divide-and-conquer program. Various wedges are being driven into societies, families and friendships. False enmities are created to blind many against their real, common foe. We can clearly see this wedging action applied across life’s spectrum; the most insidious is to define a man as simply a biological machine—something primarily material. This has the effect of driving a wedge between one’s physical existence and his/her own higher faculties of consciousness. Such a person is being set-up for the “bio-digital convergence” as a controllable, functional unit in a technocratic vision. That vision seeks to replace everything life-supporting with an inferior technological surrogate. We see this with food, health, environment and in all the realms of mind that they seek to replace with programmed implants. Instead of the miracle of sunlight, water, air, earth and life’s spark all chemically combined into our various sustanances, they see lab-made substitutes. Instead of the struggle for transcendent Self-discovery, they see the download of trans-humanist operating systems.

    That anyone can see through this attack is a sign of hope. The powers that sustain us are beyond the ken of technocratic tyrants. If we rise to those levels, they cannot. “Survival” literally means “to live above”; that we must.


    I honestly think that those who have taken the jab are, in some way, quelling their deep-down fears of the jab by bringing other people along with them. I know there must be a term from psychology that defines this. (If someone knows it, please tell me.) They used to say “misery loves company” but that doesn’t quite fit the bill. It’s either that or they are just as evil as those who initially hatched this plan and have unabashedly joined “the dark side.” I can’t imagine having to live with the fear that any moment the spike protein will start attacking me and take me out in a matter or minutes or days with virtually no hope of survival. It just goes to show how powerful peer pressure can be. The more the truth comes out, the more fear will creep into their minds, until they will start to go bonkers. And so, we are dealing with physical AND psychological illness. I believe wholeheartedly what Dr Sherri Tenpenny said recently, “Faith and fear do not go together.” I will keep my faith with God and not be fearful!

  4. Deep within the human subconscious is the bloodlust to kill, that is accessed through rhetoric, propaganda, delusion, self-aggrandizement, deception, lies, various modalities of intervention (such as drugs, vaccines, GMO’s & psychological exploitation) & fearmongering, et al, for which, manifest today in numerous behaviors as the world is witnessing currently with this “plandemic” fraud. The most common manifestation of this dark & destructive affliction is the pervasive expression of the desire of “being right”. The satanic malignant messianic megalomaniacs in most positions of influence & power today are convinced that they are “right”, “superior” & “justified” in all of their nefarious & insidious agendas such as this “plandemic”, “climate change”, “experts”, “equality”, “diversity”, “cultural appropriation”, “victimhood”, “white man bad”, “CO2 bad”, “masculinity bad”, “two genders bad”, “families bad”, “freedom bad”, “truth is what ‘I’ say it is”, “racism”, “no one left behind”, “government intervention”, “BLM”, “ANTIFA”, “social justice”, “feed the world”, “save the whales”, etc., etc. The fear porn never ends…..until people find their personal sovereignty & self respect.

    1. You just keep on believing all that crap. But don’t expect to see too many more following your deviant course, and you may eventually understand the real truth in our universe.

      1. How do you know who is or isn’t following Check? Come on…with your expertise knowledge of everything you should have an answer. Oh Mr. Check you have no idea how much I believe about real truth in our universe. You would be surprised, oh…and you will be sooner than later. Good day!

        1. Here’s some more of my drivel if you care to read it…you must care or you wouldn’t respond. You know…you are somewhat of a bully I have had dealings with people like you all my life. No biggie…you are just moot in my universe!

          I have been speaking out against this madness since even before it started. The young people are intelligent enough to listen and get the point:if the masses are all believing it and following, it is wrong. Freedom of the individual is the highest value. Be aware that everything that the media is saying is controlled through money coming from the politicians and other vested interests behind them. Critical thinking is an insight into the psychology; how immature people love to be told what to do so they do not have to take responsibility. It starts in schools. What sort of people do we want graduating from schools and colleges…sheep? I suspect even the sheep are more intelligent. At least they are natural. And there you have…truth in my universe Check!

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