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Mead woman named first winner in Colorado’s $1M covid vaccine drawing

COLORADO (KRDO) -- Sally Sliger of Mead, Colorado, is the first person to win the state's $1 million COVID-19 vaccine giveaway. Gov. Polis made the announcement just after 1 p.m. Friday, and Sliger gave a short speech emphasizing the importance of getting a vaccine.

Sliger said she found out she was the winner while she was at work. She said she got a text message from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that was related to the drawing and said to call back immediately. Sliger said it was "surreal" to win the $1 million.


The first winner in Colorado's $1 million covid vaccine drawing will be announced at 12:45 p.m. Friday, according to Gov. Jared Polis' office.

Polis announced the prize for eligible vaccinated Coloradans in May, and there will be a total of five drawings of $1 million each.

Polis said the first drawing would happen on June 4, now we know when the winner will be announced. We'll have a Livestream of the announcement in this article.

As for how the selection will work, it's not going to be millions of numbered balls in a rolling cage -- the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment converted patient information to numbers, and the Colorado Lottery is using a random number selector to choose the winning number.

While Polis said anyone who has been vaccinated is automatically eligible for the drawing, 13 Investigates found that numerous groups of vaccinated individuals have been excluded from the state's database. That includes people who received their vaccines from the Department of Defense.

You can check your eligibility by entering your information at this link. If you're vaccinated and can't find your information, CDPHE says you should contact your vaccine provider.

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  1. How about you help out that lady who now has 1 million dollars of medical bills and is permanently disabled for the rest of her life because she listened to you and took the jab for king and country? Are you seriously going to let her hang in the wind over your safe and effective vaccine?

  2. Most lame brained idea ever. You are essentially giving them $1. That’s all a lottery ticket costs. It’s not going to move the needle one bit but we’ll spend $5 million plus marketing costs.

  3. “The first winner in Colorado’s $1 million covid vaccine drawing will be announced at 12:45 p.m. Friday, according to Gov. Jared Polis’ office.”

    Maybe at the same time he could announce all of the losers, like all of the State employees who he has furloughed without pay after claiming that the budget shortfalls were so big that many State employees would not get paid.

  4. Funny how in all other areas of life in America you can’t discriminate against someone based on a medical condition.
    So the state is discriminating against people who don’t need the shot for this lottery.

  5. The “truth” is now manufactured but there is evidence that has seemingly been ignored. The evidence shows that the pandemic was planned. The participants in Event 201 became major players in the developing scenario of 2020, including the WHO, Gates, the World Economic Forum and others. The evidence shows that the virus was engineered in a laboratory and that there has been collusion between various institutions in the US and China and other countries, including Australia. The evidence shows that PCR testing was manipulated in order to increase “case” numbers. The evidence shows that death reporting was manipulated to maintain fear and support the draconian restrictions that have been enforced globally. The evidence shows that the development of vaccines was already underway before the pandemic. The evidence shows that legitimate treatments for Sars/Cov-2 have been suppressed. The evidence shows that censorship has been used to eliminate contradictory opinion and science. The evidence shows that the severity of the virus was drastically overstated. It shows that natural immunity is acquired by people that contract the virus. It shows that lock downs and mask wearing has been extremely detrimental to health and well being. The evidence shows that the “vaccines” are dangerous and may have long term, far reaching implications. It shows that those behind this event are intent on continuing their agenda, despite massive public backlash. There is much more evidence that has become available and Faucci is just one of the cogs in this wheel. Not only should they all be exposed but given the most severe punishment that society will allow. I have my own thoughts on this but, obviously, my wishes would not be acted on.

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