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Over 30 restaurants join together for hiring event in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Restaurant Hiring Event will be held on Thursday, May 13, 8:00 AM to noon, at the Pinery at the Hill, 775 W. Bijou St.  With over 70,000 jobs needed in the hospitality industry in the state of Colorado alone, El Paso County says it is imperative to work together as a community to revitalize and stimulate this important industry as there is a 30% deficit in the Colorado hospitality workforce currently.

Mackenzie Tamayo, COVID-19 Program Manager of the Small Business Development Center remarks, “Our restaurant community in El Paso and Teller County provide incredible opportunities for individuals seeking long-term growth, flexibility, and comradery. According to the National Restaurant Association, 15.6 million people in the U.S. are restaurant industry employees—about 10 percent of the workforce. As vaccinations become more accessible and individuals are returning back to work, it is imperative to our local community to see the enormous benefits of joining the hospitality workforce.”

Notable at the Event -

• All individuals who attend will be entered to win a $1,000.00 in local gift cards

• Some restaurants are offering hiring bonuses

• On-the-spot hiring

• (Additionally) Perfect for individuals still in high school and college

• Child-friendly

• A Spanish translator will be provided at the event - Se proporcionará un traductor al español en el evento as well as a sign language interpreter

• Light refreshments and beverages provided

• Ample parking

• Swag for all in attendance

Those interested are asked to bring a resume and identification as applicable.

Front of the House Positions Available (plus others) –

• General Managers

• Hosts

• Servers

• Banquet Servers

• Bussers

• Bartenders

• Catering Servers

• Banquet Managers and Servers

• Market Staff

Common of Back of the House Positions Available (plus others) –

• Kitchen Managers

• Sous Chefs

• Line Cooks

• Pastry Chefs

• Prep Cooks

• Dishwashers

Other (plus others) –

• Baristas

• Accounting

• Marketing Managers

• Event Coordinators

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Kerjan Bianca

Kerjan is the weekend morning anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Kerjan here



  1. Some of these jobs may even pay enough to cover the cost of living here in ColoFornia Springs.
    Good times.

    1. Yeah it’s Obama’s fault .🙄 If u don’t love it leave it. I’m sure they have room in Alabama and Georgia for u. Hey I even heard Florida is nice. But u should go there. Colorado hater.

  2. It’s pretty apparent that people are not clamoring to work these minimum wage jobs. You would think with a 30% deficit in the hospitality workforce that they would at least try to pay these people more

  3. I hope these companies list with Pikes Peak Workforce center. This will open the pool for parties currently on unemployment to get them back to working. If they refuse then hopefully there is proof and evidence that they no longer need government assistance from unemployment benefits. Enforce the system or the system will continue to fail all of us. Just because being unemployed is paying more than working should not be a valid reason for still choosing to not work, if that is proven to be the case, then the government needs to end their unemployment benefits.

    1. Just curious where u work. To be clear ” Just because being unemployed is paying more than working should not be a valid reason for still choosing to not work”….. What planet do live on? Fox world I bet. Colorado isn’t for u and u should consider relocating.

  4. No one wants to work when unemployment will pay them more than working. It’s a field of dreams for the unemployed.

  5. Good luck filling any of these positions. You will have to pay at least $20/hour to provide enough incentive for people to leave their homes and go to work. The COVID stimulus has caused all of this to happen. Why work, when the government will pay you $15/hour to not do anything? You can thank Biden for yet another mess he created.

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