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First Lady Jill Biden, Colorado leaders meet military spouses at Fort Carson

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visited Fort Carson Thursday to meet with military spouses just before Military Spouse Appreciation Day on Friday.

"You change jobs and you start businesses. You handle the logistics of every move and make sure that your kids have what they need," Dr. Biden said on behalf of the military spouses in attendance.

She also spoke about the White House's revival of the Joining Forces Initiative, which "prioritizes employment opportunities for military spouses, education for children of enlisted parents and veterans, and military families’ health and well-being."

"Whether it’s access to better employment opportunities or affordable quality childcare, which I’ve heard from you over and over again, or better mental health services and wellness resources, we need to do more."

Military spouses who spoke with Dr. Biden said a greater access to resources is necessary, especially since the pandemic.

"We need to increase the amount of availability of funding for everyone, all ages. Our mental health needs have increased with the isolation," Erica Prescott said.

"We have the childcare, but sometimes even that is a lot still to pay because, just because a spouse works, doesn’t necessary mean they make a ton," Kiley Grasee said.

Dr. Biden flew into Colorado Springs Thursday as the last stop in a multi-day tour through Western cities, including stops in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Colorado Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera, Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet and Congressman Doug Lamborn also joined the First Lady during her visit to Fort Carson. Biden first arrived at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Watch the First Lady arrive in Colorado Springs below:

Watch the First Lady at Fort Carson:

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  1. Where will Doug Lamborn be during this visit? Isn’t he all about all of the military bases in our area or is that only revenue based? This is his district after all. Or is it only Space command he cares about because it brings in more money into his coffers.

    1. It is because he is a republican. The Biden administration talked about crossing the lines and working together. Never happened and won’t. They don’t want Doug along because he would get publicity also and that is counter productive to their new narrative, All republicans are racist evil people.
      Jill Biden doesn’t impress me. I think she is just like Melania…….. Who cares what she is doing.

    2. Not his dog & pony show. I’d bet you a tasty adult beverage that he was not invited and would not have been welcome had he asked.
      This is Ms. Biden’s promotional tour and they don’t want to divide the attention or distract from HER message.

    3. He won’t be there, he’s under orders from Biatch McConnell not to cooperate in any way with the current administration. Even though Lamborn claims to be all about the military he won’t be there to honor military spouses.

    4. I got my thing bout Lamborn…all he is a libtard in hiding…however…I don’t see him standing next to a POS Communist like this fake doctor….we the military do not respect or appreciate this illegitimate 2nd class lady

  2. Good maybe she will tell us all , why AMERICA is in such turmoil and doing so bad

  3. Jill is as big a fraud as her demented fraud puppet husband slow Joe.

  4. Guess they needed to send a search party out for Hickenlooper, as he’s been missing in action for the last six months. Guess he’s been hiding in his basement…

  5. Did anyone ever ask if any of us Veterans and active duty…if we wanted to see this POS liar…..HINT….She’s not a real Doctor….duuuuhhhhhh!!!!!

    1. Actually, she IS a Doctor, as she received her Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from the University of Delaware in 2007, building on her two Masters Degrees (Master of Education from West Chester State College in 1981 and Master of Arts from Villanova University in 1987). Like all people that have received Doctoral degrees, she is entitled to be addressed as Doctor.
      The term “Doctor” is NOT reserved for use only by recipients of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degrees.

      1. Did you happen to read her dissertation? It is full of misspelled words and horrible grammar. It’s not a coincident she got a doctorate in the same state that her husband was a senator. On an intelligence level, she’s right up there with AOC.

  6. Hahahhahahahahahaha…her picture is upside down…now that goes to show you what her answer is to all of America’s problems….upside down!!!!

  7. So the bidens are all about forcing us use green energy as they fly in fossil fueled private jets and limos. Huuummmm.

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