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Shooting reported at house party in Colorado Springs Sunday morning

Paradise Lane Shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- According to neighbors and the Colorado Springs Police Department, a shooting occurred around 13:20 a.m. at a house party on Paradise Lane in Colorado Springs north of Old Colorado City.

Neighbors reported seeing a man carrying an AR-style rifle. They say he was walking away from the house and up N. 25th Street.

There are reports of a second shooter with a pistol. Partygoers told KRDO that there was "fake security" inside the party.

No suspect is in custody, and no injuries have been reported.

One neighbor had a bullet go through his front door and out the back, flying by his head in the living room.

"You're never ready for that," Luke Van Druff told KRDO Sunday. "It's just one of the scariest things of all time, having a bullet whiz by your head. It's terrifying."

The home has been listed on several short term rental websites including Airbnb, Travelocity, and Expedia. It has since been removed by Airbnb, a precaution the company normally takes in these instances.

"Our hearts go out to every neighbor that was affected by this, and I'm saddened that a tenant would conduct this type of activity," property manager, Evan Wilburn with Hoste, told KRDO in a statement Sunday. "We're assisting the local authorities on identifying who was involved."

One neighbor told KRDO she reported the party to Airbnb before the shooting, but it's unclear if the property manager was notified right away.

If you have any information you think could help the ongoing investigation, you're asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department.

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  1. Lawlessness doesn’t know political party affiliations, nor is it ever race specific. Lumping one group and saying “Only this select bunch of individuals can be the ones that commit these crimes” is just ignorant. All groups have some good people and a few bad people, but that doesn’t make the entire group bad. We as a people have come to accustom to speaking in absolutes.

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