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Student petition circulates to halt in-person learning at Cheyenne Mountain High School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Students at Cheyenne Mountain High School started a petition to ask School District 12 for more transparency and remote-learning options amid the pandemic.

The petition now has more than 200 signatures, along with comments from several signers, who appear to be students, alleging that they don't feel safe with the school's current precautions.

When KRDO spoke to three students from Cheyenne Mountain High School, they told us that they really want more data from their district. Right now, District 12's COVID-19 dashboard only shows the total cases and contract-tracing investigations since the start of the school year. Students want to know how many active cases they have at any given time -- something that several other local school districts provide, like District 11 and District 2.

KRDO reached out to District 12 Superintendent Walt Cooper, who told us that the number of active cases across the district changes daily. He said their district does not have the resources to update their dashboard with that information.

The students also talked about the inequity that comes with partial in-person learning. They mentioned that when they have to quarantine or isolate, learning options diminish. While they believe teachers are doing the best that they can, splitting students up and having some in-person, and others remote is making learning at home especially difficult.

Superintendent Cooper echoed concerns about half in-person and half online learning. During District 12's Board of Education meeting Monday night, they will discuss bringing all students back into the classroom in March.

That's not the solution the students were hoping for -- the petition asked for a few weeks of fully remote school to allow current cases to resolve.

According to Superintendent Cooper, Cheyenne Mountain High School has 8 active cases. He said that out of the hundreds of contact tracing investigations, almost none of the positive cases in the district came from in-school transmission. Superintendent Cooper stands by the district's safety precautions, saying that the data doesn't lie and their numbers are moving in the right direction.

The students ultimately acknowledged that they know there is no one easy solution for the district moving forward, they're just asking for more transparency.

For more information on the current petition, click here.

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  1. You’ll wonder why you won’t be able to get a job in the future kids.
    Oh well, Like I care if you fail because you are soft.

  2. Nice to know that at least the students see through the lies that the Districts have been telling everyone from the start of pandemic. No consistent plan (each Principal is allowed to do whatever they deem necessary). So you schools actions depend not on a uniformed approach but rather how that person feels about the seriousness of covid-19. With the exception of K-5 there is no cohort, restricted communal feeding,consistent mask wearing,social distancing or frequent hand washing being conducted. Staff not being disciplined for not following basic safety precautions. Unnecessary risk being taken with afternoon programs that have no impact child’s already limited learning time. They have been lying to staff about the vaccine and it’s limitations. Basically they have disregarded any safety guidelines that have been issued by the CDC, CBoE and your local Health Department.

    1. Oh boo-hoo. And how many kids have contracted COVID and died? And how many have psychological issues and have taken their own life or think of suicide? Quite with the nonsense and feeding these kids lies.

    2. Hey, can you explain where the flu and cold went?
      Nobody seems to mention this. Did Corona battle those viruses to the death and won?
      The numbers seemed to have disappeared.

    3. Most students want to get back to school. Students have the option to learn at home or transfer to a homeschooling option if they do not want to attend in school. Students are not high risk for COVID. Many schools have been open for in person learning and have been successful. If you do not like th public school system you have other options.

  3. of course some off the kids are doing this ,no school but at the end of it all ,you will lack behind in everything

  4. Poor kids have been brainwashed into think what Fruaduci and the government tells them. Fraudici is that only person that is wrong more that a weatherman. Schools in Florida have been attending in person school since fall. Any news that their has been a mass outbreak? No, of course not.

  5. Haha! “Inequity”. I wonder where they get these buzz words from???

    Anyway, the science says, kids need to be in school, everyday, in-person. Unless, you want our kids depressed, academically and socially behind – even further there just isn’t an argument against in-class, in-school like yesterday This is madness that it’s even an issue.

    Kids: you’re not legal adults. Go to school and shut-up.
    Parents and School Board: Make in-class happen and stop with this nonsense.

  6. How about providing some education to them? Like teaching them that they are not paying for school. Their parents are. It’s up to the parents, not them.

  7. Biden says kids can go back to school in April. He is “following the science” right? Take the $$ provided by the gov, install air conditioning, and run school through the summer, otherwise kids will be even further behind. On the other hand, you don’t need a diploma to flip burgers. They’re going to start paying $18 an hour. They want to add kop standard testing this year. Let’s lower the SAT and PSAT scoring while we’re at it. The dumber you are, the easier it is to be left around like mindless sheep. “Re-education camps” for any who resist.

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