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Colorado Springs considering need for five more overpasses on Powers Boulevard by 2030

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- In addition to the $44 million overpass project at the Powers Boulevard/Research Parkway intersection scheduled to start this year, the possibility of three more overpasses along Powers are being discussed by city officials.

During a City Council work session earlier this week, officials made a presentation regarding future traffic needs along Powers as the Colorado Springs Airport continues to grow -- with more passenger flights, two hotels and a new Amazon facility.

According to the presentation, the city is considering Powers intersections at Dublin Boulevard ($49 million estimated cost), Stetson Hills Boulevard ($63 million) and Barnes Road ($106 million) as possibly the next locations for overpasses by 2030.

"We'd also like to put overpasses at Powers and Airport Road, and at the entrance to the airport on Milton E. Proby Parkway," said Travis Easton, the city's public works director. "That's around $120 million for Proby and $60 million for Airport."

However, the five overpasses are currently not part of the Colorado Department of Transportation's 10-year plan for transportation priorities, so it's presently unclear how the additional overpasses might be funded.

"Maybe we can acquire federal money or private funding, as we're doing with the project to connect the north end of Powers to I-25," Easton said.

After the Powers/Research overpass, CDOT's only major project along Powers is installing a diverging diamond interchange at the Airport Road intersection -- similar to the DDI at Interstate 25 and Fillmore Street, and the DDI to be included in the Powers/Research project.

However, the estimated $45 million cost isn't available yet for the Powers/Airport project. Some local leaders previously expressed a preference for an overpass there, during planning for CDOT's current projects to improve transportation safety and accessibility around local military installations.

Easton said that land, acquisitions that might be needed, the space in which to get the improvements in and the volume of cars to get through an intersection are factors behind the cost of overpass projects.

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. I just moved over here east of Powers and
    just when I adjust-they will confuse me all over again

  2. I saw articles saying this was planned 20+ Years ago but there was no funding yet.
    Are you saying you are just now looking into this?

  3. “We’d also like to put overpasses at Powers and Airport Road, and at the entrance to the airport on Milton E. Proby Parkway,” said Travis Easton, the city’s public works director. “That’s around $120 million for Proby and $60 million for Airport.”

    WTF dude, it is in the plan. You DO NOT HAVE FUNDING YET

  4. This was the plan 30 years ago, even before Powers extended north of Woodmen Road. But… as the Colorado Springs government does, they allowed new building right up close to some of these intersections, which makes the cost skyrocket. Very pool planning in this town.

  5. With a price tag that is that conservatively high, this presentation was a waste of time. The city will not get a tax to be passed by the constituents because the city neglected its infrastructure for so many years. Passing on the price tag to the taxpayers now because of the city council’s and their predecessors were more focused on pet projects like the “Olympic City” or “Space Command” or the list goes on and on.
    Yes, the city needs this, the constituents have been asking for what 10 – 20 years now? But the council ignored the people and did what they wanted. Use the pet project tax revenue you have already drained from us to fund this project, “No new Taxes”.

  6. Don’t forget how the citizens of El Paso country were conned into giving excess money in PPRTA to the Gap project that is in Douglas County. Scammed into believing we would get a 3rd lane and they would possibly add a 4th toll lane. Then its just adding a toll lane……
    There went some of those projects we need desperately here in El Paso County so Douglas county can have a 3rd toll lane on i-25….. Since it is a private toll company who do you think will get taxes from it….Douglas county.

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