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Chamber of Commerce and state officials fight to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs

082720 space command
U.S. Space Command

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and EDC says they're working with state officials to suspend former President Trump's decision to move U.S. Space Command to Hunstville, Alabama.

Reggie Ash, the Chief of Defense Development for the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and EDC, says, "We’re certainly very disappointed in the decision, although it was not an unexpected decision." He notes that politics could jeopardize national security.

Ash remarked, "We want President Biden to remove politics from the decision. Let’s let the military leaders make that decision based on what’s best for the mission of United States Space Command."

Ash tells KRDO that in a legislative session last week, the legislature passed a resolution encouraging President Biden to suspend Trump's decision. The resolution declares, "Moving the United States Space Command to Huntsville, will be incredibly disruptive to the National Defense Strategy. In addition, it will cause a major upheaval in existing infrastructure and jobs in the state, which will result in higher costs and less efficient outcomes for the United States military."

The Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce clarified that they're also working with Governor Jared Polis, along with Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper, to further engage the Biden administration to suspend that decision.

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  1. We all know this isn’t going to be moved.
    It was a latch ditch temper tantrum our former POTUS threw because he lost the election. Colorado went blue, Alabama was Red. One can simply look at the timing of as Trump was being impeached he made this announcement. Another oddity is Diana DeGette of Colorado was the Impeachment Manager. Or the facts that it would cost more taxpayer money to move Space Command to Alabama, rather than simply leaving it where it is already established.
    This, like most things that entered into Trump’s gravitational pull, was temporarily disrupted and damaged, but now that he is gone, we can fix what he has damaged and broke.

  2. Fiscally speaking it would be a really dumb idea to move it to Alabama. It would cost the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars than to keep it here and expand it. We are home to space command and it will stay that way. Plus……. who would wan to move to Alabama after living here in Colorado Springs.

    1. This is US Space, not the Space Force units that are here. Even if US Space remained here, new facilities would have to be constructed for them.
      While politics was certainly involved, there are good reasons for making this happen.

  3. Too funny! Ash remarked, “We want President Biden to remove politics from the decision.” So, to do that they have the House full of Democrats pass a resolution. Can’t make it up. What CAN be made up is that the Springs is even considered for the Space Command over Huntsville. The current infrastructure is minimal compared to Huntsville’s space footprint, and we’re talking billions of dollars in future growth of the command center. Colorado Springs is expensive and can’t even maintain it’s current growth. By the way, Huntsville is pretty nice, Cowboy.

  4. Anyone that blames President Trump for this is a moron. I imaging Colorado Springs wasn’t selected because of the bases that we already have. One well placed nuke will…well, you get the picture.

  5. Colorado Springs is caught in the Growth Ponzi Scheme. This ‘ Ponzi scheme’ surrounding development leaves most cities and towns functionally insolvent. The city council and Mayor have become so dependent on tax dollars to fund thier idea of what a city should look like they have put the tax payers on the hook. The current path the city is spending money is unsustainable and the reliance on development to fund maintenance of the cities infanstructure will result in the city becoming like Detroit or flint in the future. But hey the mayor and city council will be long gone by than and leave the mess for future generations. And that’s why they are crying about space command leaving. With out the federal tax dollars the current city budget is unsustainable.

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