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Traffic fatalities in Colorado Springs at 47; on track to being the highest CSPD has ever seen


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Traffic fatalities in Colorado Springs are on track for another record-breaking year.

There were 48 fatalities in 2018; the highest the Colorado Springs Police Department has ever seen. There have already been 47 deaths on the road in 2020.

CSPD says they work to change driver behavior through traffic and DUI enforcement; among many other programs.

They believe real change will when people recognize that fatalities aren’t just numbers, but entire families whose lives will never be the same.

“Each one of these traffic fatalities is a number, but it’s really someone who is not going to be there for the holidays, someone who is not going to be there for their family," says Lt. James Sokolik with CSPD.

CSPD says within the first five months of 2020, they had nine traffic fatalities. In the last six months, they've seen 38 deaths on Colorado Springs' roadways.

Out of the 47 fatalities they’ve seen this year, 18 of them involve cars and 15 involve motorcycles.

A staggering 11 pedestrians were hit while crossing the street.

Police say it’s hard to pinpoint the overwhelming cause of these accidents, but they are seeing some themes.

“It’s very dangerous when vehicles turn left. It’s probably our most common accident. Not just fatal accident, but accident period,” says Sokolik.

Even though traffic has been reduced significantly amid the pandemic, police say they aren’t surprised by the uptick in fatalities.

They say responding to even one more death on the roads this year would be one too many.

“Those detectives get to see the long term damage to the families, to both the families who lost somebody and the drivers who may have killed someone unintentionally,” says Sokolik.

Police say drivers aren’t solely responsible for the traffic fatalities this year.

They say many of the 11 pedestrians that were hit and killed were crossing the street without a crosswalk.

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Mia Villanueva

Mia is a weekday reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Mia here.



  1. No surprise,our roads are congested with way more traffic than they were built for and will get worse.

    Thank “Sell Out” Suthers the developers puppet.

    1. That’s a stupid argument. Congested traffic is the cause of fatalities? Speed mostly causes fatalities. With congested traffic, you’ll see much slower speeds that don’t result in fatal crashes.

      1. You’re correct. Speed alone doesn’t actually CAUSE most crashes, but it can make the severity of any crashes that do happen much more severe, and possibly fatal. So slower traffic does tend to reduce fatalities.

      2. Stupid? Maybe to you but not to the NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic administration.

        Here is a excerpt from their site:

        Speeding is a type of aggressive driving behavior. Several factors have contributed to an overall rise in aggressive driving: Traffic. Traffic congestion is one of the most frequently mentioned contributing factors to aggressive driving, such as speeding.

        Here is a link to their site
        I suggest you go to their site and read it, it should change your opinion that my fact on congestion, it was not a argument, is stupid.

  2. “They believe real change will when people recognize that fatalities aren’t just numbers, but entire families whose lives will never be the same.”
    You could say the same about every one of the Covid-related deaths. Perhaps people’s behavior would change if they thought how it could result in the loss of one of their own family members. But that doesn’t seem to have worked either.

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